The best tips on how to keep your IT systems productive

Businesses nowadays heavily rely on technology and the Internet. Computers and fast networks are considered the key to our work performance.


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That’s why our IT specialists in Bristol would like to highlight a few of the most essential tips that can help enhance the productivity of your systems and applications, so you only use what you need, making your work much smoother, faster, and optimised to the best potential!


Perform frequent clean-ups


As much as we keep our home environments tidy and clean, it will have the same impact on the systems and applications, as they are our digital working spaces. If we frequently clean our computer system, then it will work smoothly, not causing any downtime in the future. Not only digital cleaning such as the recycle bin and downloads is important but also cleaning of computer parts is required. All of the parts of the system like your keyboard, a mouse, and all the input devices need routine cleaning. Every once in a while it would be very good for your computer to do a thorough cleaning, if you don't know how to do it then speaking with experienced IT support can be a great solution.

Our IT specialist team at ADT Systems ensure that any technology connected to the Internet is regularly cleaned and that all of the unnecessary data is removed from the hard drive. This will not only make space for the new software but also keep the system running smoothly.


Timely and suitable updates


The updates and upgrading either related to software or hardware are equally necessary. If you update your computer software or use the new software, this can play a positive impact not only on the system's productivity but most importantly, your work effectiveness. The same applies to computer hardware. In current times, where technology is moving faster than ever before, we must apply every advance to keep pace. There are also some software updates such as antivirus, and malware detection software that need to be updated regularly, as these are considered the main security systems for your computer.

Now viruses and hacks can enter a system directly from the internet if you are using an older model of software to protect your computer systems. Implementing frequent upgrades and using advanced endpoint detection software makes a huge impact on your work system performance.

If you are not sure how to run the necessary updates on your business computers, or if you have the right antivirus software, it's really important to talk to an IT support provider near you and ask for help. Regular updates are not costly and can increase the security level of your staff, productivity and effective work delivery.

How to manage endpoint security

Uninstall unused Apps


Quite often it happens that we install an app on our system just to complete a one-time task, and then we forgot to uninstall that app afterwards. But now, there are built-in functions of a system that notify you about these unused apps and the space they take up.

Another way that you can remove unused apps manually is by simply going to the “Uninstall a program" in the Programs menu. By uninstalling these apps the system performs faster than before as some extra working space is gained. If you have one or two computers to run and update, it won't take a lot of your time, but with small to medium-sized businesses, you must have an IT support team managing your devices, and the apps that need removing and keeping your software clutter-free.


Use a reliable & fast Internet connection


Unquestionably the Internet made our lives much easier. To run your business at a good pace, you need to use a fast and powerful internet connection as you have to be connected for business requirements and steady growth.

A reliable internet connection is a crucial part of the system to ensure efficient and timely working. Instant internet access increases productivity for your staff as it speeds up the time if they send a message back to a client, or search for something online, but also speeds up the download process. In general, a fast internet connection gives us the best results for our systems in every way.

We very much recommend asking your local IT support provider what is the best Internet connection to use for your business, how much you need it, and what cyber protection is required. By doing so, you are not only looking to boost productivity at work, and enhance better communication between your staff and clients.


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Use Cloud Storage


With a very common working-from-home model, the Cloud system is the safest and easiest way to store valuable data. Another great advantage of using cloud storage is that you can open your stored files on any device once you are using the correct logins and of course, if you have an access to the Internet.

This is a modern, safe and easy-to-use solution to free your system storage from a lot of data that you can gain access to from anywhere.

There are many other benefits to using cloud systems, and for the future - cloud technology is the way to go forward. Essentially, all businesses will only have their data stored in the cloud. Therefore, if you are looking to adopt cloud solutions and looking for specialist help, we are happy to provide you with many levels of information and offer the most suitable solutions.


Learn Typing and Keyboard Shortcuts


If you or your employees communicate with clients via email system or other platforms then it's very useful to learn to type more effectively using shortcuts. Fast typing will not only save time for your work delivery but also increase your work productivity. Learning the keyboard shortcuts significantly improves work productivity as one does not have to go to the required tabs every time to look for a specific command. There are many free types of online courses or YouTube videos that can help you and your staff in improving fast typing skills and learn how to use keyboard shortcuts.

As you can see, keeping your IT systems running without any issues plays a vital role in keeping your staff productive, effective communication, and excellent customer service, but also security from cyber threats.


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