How can technology can help improve customer service?

Customer service and modern technology go hand in hand. Implementing newer and faster solutions to gain and retain clients is critical now and in the future. With more services and products moving online, the ability to deploy technology to improve customer service grows. What technology is going to influence customer service, what tools should you start implementing now?


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After all, implementing new technology solutions and the right digital tools can help achieve outstanding customer service and client retention. What's more, investing in technology now to support your business operations can help improve your teams' workflow efficiency, enabling you to have the time to provide a more bespoke but also faster customer service.

Below we have listed the main technology solutions that can help you increase your client's retention, improve your customer service, and build better relationships with them. Let's not forget to mention, that we have all the right IT solutions to help skyrocket your customer service today!



Face-to-face video calls

Eye contact is powerful, and customers, increasingly, will be looking at the phone and email conversations as a dated method to communicate. Businesses that already use video or video conference tools to communicate with their customers (e.g. Zoom, Teams, Microsoft ) — are already making a step forward.
Eye contact helps in building memorable customer service, so the video call is not only the next consumer's expectation but a powerful business tool to improve customer satisfaction and retention. 
Ideally, you should start using video calls now, and schedule appointments with your customers that involve a face-to-face interaction when possible. With this simple implementation, you can create a much higher impact on your customers and potential clients, where the selling process feels more natural, engaging and memorable. 


IT solution improve client retention


Remote work will become a norm

The future of customer service will not only escalate to online space, but it'll push help desk reps, and call centre teams there too.
Service reps will have a scope of digital tools to support their work remotely. They will be able to help customers from the comfort of their homes, instead of having to commute to an office setting.
Most online service channels now can be utilised outside offices. Email, video calls, live chat, social media and other platforms, can be operated from remote devices such as laptops or mobiles, and many businesses' help desk services enhance that flexibility by deploying cloud-based solutions. If you still consider cloud systems, you can see how it can reduce the costs of having an office space, but enhance the flexibility for your reps which will become a norm for all, if not already.



Speeding up communications

The key element of technology in improving customer service is the speed when interacting with customer inquiries. Businesses using a live chat on company websites enables them to help customers as soon as they show an interest. 
This is a much faster solution than sending an email and waiting for a reply. Within seconds, customers can have their questions answered, book appointments, or buy your products.


Automated chat customer service



Bugs in your operating systems can affect how they perform and lead to security issues. If you don't apply regular updates, security patches or appropriate testing, it can lead to application errors and server failure.


Coordinate and collaborate

Technology can undoubtedly help with collaboration and coordination. From a customer perspective, it can be frustrating when their request is not coordinated smoothly or resolved promptly. 
Businesses that can use digital tools to communicate fast and resolve customer requests swiftly are able to build their reputation as a well-coordinated company that puts their customer needs first.


Technology solutions increase customer satisfaction


Technology is best when it brings people together. The experience your customer has when working with you is a major factor in your business success. Ensuring your customers have satisfactory real-time interactions and are delivered fast, can help increase not only your profit figures but the likelihood that existing customers will recommend your business to others. 


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