Installation Service

Our Installation Service ensures that all your technologies are implemented smoothly and effectively, with as little downtime as possible

If you are looking for IT installation services, then we are here to help provide all sorts of technology solutions. From network cabling, installing desktops and laptop devices for your staff, configurations, network security, and much more, depending on your needs and changes you would like to accomplish.

The process of implementation of new IT systems may seem like a difficult task to undertake, but with the right IT support and specialist advice, you can achieve great success. There is no need to outsource more people to help - our experienced team at ADT Systems can fully manage the installation from start to finish, allowing you to focus on your day-to-day business operations. Our IT team will help you throughout the entire process, minimising downtime and enabling your staff to use the new equipment as fast as possible.

Our IT installation services cover the Southwest regions with a closer focus on providing our services to Bristol, Bath, Gloucester, and surrounding areas. We take pride in providing quality service, and all our projects are handled by our qualified team, ensuring the work we deliver meets your expectation at the highest standards.

Why Work With Us?

Optional and scalable solutions

Depending on what you need the most, either now or in the future, we can provide a range of scalable installation solutions from desktop computers, laptops, physical or remote servers, network cabling, telecommunication installs and more. Our years of experience in the IT industry means that you can trust our advice and rely on the work we provide. Moreover, we are a long-established partner with market-leading tech-equipment providers, meaning that we deliver the best quality products at fair costs.

Strong relationships

We work closely with our clients to ensure that their requirements are being met, tailored to their circumstances, and changing needs. Working together means you can always get hold of our team when you have any questions, issues, or enquiries.

For any business type

Regardless of what type of IT network you currently use or looking to update, we can help. With our extensive experience in implementing, installing, and supporting IT networks, we ensure to provide the support you need suitable to your size, type and working model.

Friendly and customer-centric support

We pride ourselves on delivering a five-star approach to customer service and building strong client relationships. That means whenever you need us, one of our dedicated IT team specialists will respond as fast as possible and in the best manner.

What Installation Services Can We Deliver?

  • IT Network Design and Planning
    • Network planning and design
    • IT Strategy and Network Evaluations
    • Visual Mapping of your current and future IT Networks


  • Communications and Connectivity
    • VoIP Phone Systems
    • Leased lines and cabling
    • WiFi set and configuration


  • IT Network Setup and Configuration
    • Fully managed IT project
    • Fully managed IT project implementation
    • Monitoring and statistics


  • Cloud Transformation
    • Cloud IT and Microsoft 365 Migrations
    • On-premise, Cloud and Hybrid IT
    • Full transformations or specific data or files

If you are looking to shift your existing IT systems to more advanced, faster and effective, then it’s vital that the setup process is delivered smoothly and correctly. That’s why working with our team can help you throughout your digital transformation and technological changes, regardless of the size of your project. The benefits and outcomes will be visible with immediate results.

IT enquiry

Would You Like To Find Out More?

We will always put your business at the centre of any IT enquiry. Contact us today to discuss your upcoming projects, and we can help you align everything IT to your business goals and reach desired outcomes faster than ever before.


“ADT  have provided a system with specific features for the hotel which was installed with minimum disruption and within the agreed timescale. They continue to support both the telephone system and our IT infrastructure with a prompt and efficient service when any issues rise.”
Tom Roberts, Propietor

…I am regularly in touch with the helpdesk and I would say they are prompt, patient and have a very good success rate.

Mark Fenton, Finance Manager

…I personally think you could do no better than to get them on board for your support in IT and/or phone system maintenance…

Joy Tuckwell, Admin Support Manager

ADT seem to be a well managed business, who offer concise system reporting and prompt problem solving, knowledgeable and pragmatic consultancy, within an acceptable budget. They are a pleasure to work with, and we have no hesitation in recommending them.

Chris Keates-Lewis, Partner