Installation Service

Installation Service That Is Fit For Purpose

Our installation service can meet your unique demands. Whether you need to implement an individual product or looking for a complete solution, we cover it all, delivering fast and quality service with care.

We have the experience, knowledge, and certifications to deploy, manage and deliver IT installations, services and solutions to meet today’s business demands.

Why Our Installation Service Is The Right Choice

Technical support from start to finish

We want to understand how your business works, which of the current technologies you use, and areas you’d like to improve. These play an essential part in the installation process that can help us implement the most suitable technology solutions. You present the challenge, ee provide the technical knowledge and expertise throughout the implementation.

We build strong relationships

We believe that every business can accelerate to its full potential by building strong relationships with our clients. We connect with multiple people in your business and ensure that all parties involved in your project are up to date with all stages of the installation process.

You can be in direct contact with any member of our team that supports your project, so you can always get hold of someone if you need them.

New IT systems installation

Having a new IT system installed may seem like a challenge, but with the right IT support, this can turn into an exciting project to take your business forward. Our expert team will help you through the entire installation process, enabling you to use your new equipment, software, and applications as soon as possible, with minimum downtime.

Facing your challenges together

We take pride in delivering fast and customer-focused service, ensuring all technology solutions are implemented to the highest standards and are fit to overcome your challenges and help achieve your desired business goals.

What Else Can You Expect Using Our Installation Service?

Maximised service at reasonable costs

Prior to installation, our IT team aims to obtain as much information from you about your current business technology to help reduce risks and deliver the most practical solutions within the agreed budget. We understand that no two businesses are alike and can provide solutions to fit your financial needs. We aim to provide a practical cost-effective solution.

Completely tailored

With your unique set of goals and challenges, we tailor our service to your needs. We have many years of experience installing all of the solutions we provide but this does not mean each customer receives the same products and configuration; we ensure that it is your solution with the right settings to provide a secure and efficient environment for your business.

Ongoing IT monitoring

We don’t just deliver an IT installation service for the day of delivery but from planning to go live we focus on providing a comprehensive setup that will provide the foundations for the entire life span of the products. We install products in the way we would like to find them if we were to support them over the long term even it is not the case. This isn’t about providing a drop-and-run service, it is about taking responsibility and being accountable for what we install. With many clients taking our managed IT service we know we will have to maintain the system, so it is very important the installation is done right.

In house IT support

Let Us Know How We Can Help Your Upcoming Projects

We focus on delivering an exceptional installation service, ensuring your business can continue to run as smoothly the day after as it did the day before! Contact us today to discuss your upcoming projects.

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“ADT  have provided a system with specific features for the hotel which was installed with minimum disruption and within the agreed timescale. They continue to support both the telephone system and our IT infrastructure with a prompt and efficient service when any issues rise.”
Tom Roberts, Propietor

…I am regularly in touch with the helpdesk and I would say they are prompt, patient and have a very good success rate.

Mark Fenton, Finance Manager

…I personally think you could do no better than to get them on board for your support in IT and/or phone system maintenance…

Joy Tuckwell, Admin Support Manager

ADT seem to be a well managed business, who offer concise system reporting and prompt problem solving, knowledgeable and pragmatic consultancy, within an acceptable budget. They are a pleasure to work with, and we have no hesitation in recommending them.

Chris Keates-Lewis, Partner