Consultancy Service

Consultancy Service That Boosts Your Capabilities

When you grow your business, you want it to be simply the best. It takes a lot of time, effort, and resilience. When it's time to implement a new project or infrastructure, it's best to reach for expert support.

Our IT experts work with many types of businesses that face their unique projects or significant transformations, providing an in-depth consultancy on all aspects of their business technology, from long-term strategies through server & network audits to disaster recovery planning. We have a wealth of experience working with businesses that transitioned on many technology levels, therefore if you are facing a new challenge that requires technical support, our Consultancy Service can help achieve your ambitions in the best way possible, supporting you throughout all business transformations.

Some Of The Consultancy Services That We Provide Include:

Systems & network audits

With so many operations and responsibilities to run daily, it can be difficult to keep an eye on your existing network activity and security checks. We can provide an in-depth network audit and regular reports on all aspects of your IT systems, helping to identify and eliminate potential vulnerabilities, as well as propose additional technology solutions important for your business to run smoothly.

Project planning & fulfilment

If your existing systems such as hardware, software or infrastructure – begin to feel dated and aren't serving a purpose within your business goals, we can help you analyse, plan and propose the new systems that work for you, with a choice of equipment and technology solutions that are most beneficial and at the best costs.

Cloud migration

With your business growing and shifting toward modern changes, it could be the right step to move your critical data from one platform to another or to migrate your local applications to the cloud. Based on your business needs, we can provide cloud solutions that work best for you, and help throughout the cloud migration seamlessly.

Disaster recovery

It can be inevitable that a natural disaster, a human error, or an unexpected event can happen, causing severe damage to your business data. Therefore, having a disaster recovery plan in-hand is critical to keep your business up and running when the worsts happen. Our team can look at everything your business needs to stay protected and vigilant, ensuring that you have required policies applied when the unexpected happens.

How Our Consultancy Service Can Help Your Business?

Gain time

Our tailored Consultancy Service can help you gain time by deploying only the IT services and use of technology-based solutions you need to speed up all processes and operations, enabling your business to run more efficiently.

ROI at the best cost

A key part of our Consultancy Service is to provide a comprehensive review of your existing use of technology solutions to ensure your current setup of equipment, software and applications gives you the best return for your investment.

Reduce risk

With our experienced IT technicians, your new projects can be assisted with expertise, advice and technology solutions that can minimise any risks and ensure your business is prepared to recover fast and with minimum downtime.

Ongoing development

We want to ensure that your team receive first-class customer support, alongside in-depth expertise that can help increase their scope of knowledge and experience, scaling up your team's level of skills and abilities to work on a wide range of IT projects and implementations in the future.

In house IT support

Are You Looking For A Consultancy Service For Your Growing Business?

We will always put your business at the centre of any consultancy enquiry. Contact us today to discuss your upcoming projects, and we can help you align everything IT to your business goals and reach desired outcomes faster than ever before.

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“ADT  have provided a system with specific features for the hotel which was installed with minimum disruption and within the agreed timescale. They continue to support both the telephone system and our IT infrastructure with a prompt and efficient service when any issues rise.”
Tom Roberts, Propietor

…I am regularly in touch with the helpdesk and I would say they are prompt, patient and have a very good success rate.

Mark Fenton, Finance Manager

…I personally think you could do no better than to get them on board for your support in IT and/or phone system maintenance…

Joy Tuckwell, Admin Support Manager

ADT seem to be a well managed business, who offer concise system reporting and prompt problem solving, knowledgeable and pragmatic consultancy, within an acceptable budget. They are a pleasure to work with, and we have no hesitation in recommending them.

Chris Keates-Lewis, Partner