Infrastructure Solutions

Complete Infrastructure Solutions To Help Optimize Your Business Performance

Technology is moving faster than ever before. Most modern businesses know they must act now by improving their IT infrastructure and upscaling technology solutions. That means your business is no different. Your IT infrastructure is the backbone of your organisation. If you want to future-proof your business, enabling it to grow 24/7, you must consider putting the right technology infrastructure as soon as possible.

With our most advanced technology solutions, we can help you move towards a better future, powering your business functionality with the infrastructure solutions you need.

How Our Infrastructure Solutions Can Help Your Business Optimization?

Network and security

Whether your business goal is to improve regulatory compliance or robust security, we can help accelerate your transition to a highly scalable and protected networking platform. We hold a strong portfolio of technology infrastructure services and market-leading products to support your networking abilities and security levels across all your business functions

Computer and virtualization

With our close partnership with market-leading technology providers, we can help you design the most suitable, adaptable, and cost-effective computer architecture that is perfect for your requirements

Microsoft infrastructure solutions

With our comprehensive range of Microsoft software products and extensive knowledge of programs application, we can help you migrate to a new version of Windows, Exchange, Azure and more. Additionally, we can provide ongoing monitoring to ensure that your Microsoft applications are used in the most efficient way, either in the office or in remote environments

With many years of experience under the belt, we can help you develop, build and execute reliable IT infrastructure that is fully adaptable to meet your dynamic business needs for the best price possible. Having a tactically planned IT Infrastructure is necessary to create a solid and secure foundation for your business, support your business operations during its growth, and protect when unexpected happen.

What Are The Business Benefits When Using Our IT Infrastructure Solutions?

  • Comprehensive solutions to meet all your infrastructure needs
  • Fast and easy access to our IT experts and 24/7 access to our remote online support tool
  • Ongoing monitoring and fully compliant recommendations as standard
  • Multi-skilled IT experts with extensive knowledge in software and hardware
  • A friendly and approachable service with a customer-centric approach
  • An opportunity for a long-term partnership
  • Improved efficiency in your business operations

We ensure smooth and high-standard delivery of all our IT infrastructure projects, so you can be sure that every requirement or change you want is supported and delivered by true experts in the IT field.

Your Choice, Our Delivery

Depending on your business type, IT Infrastructure can operate in the form of on-premises, a virtual Cloud-based service, or a Hybrid of both.

With our IT Infrastructure Solutions, you can look closely at the design and implementation process and choose the most suitable solutions for your business. To help you decide on the most suitable and cost-effective options, we will audit your current IT Infrastructure setup and provide strategic IT Consultancy to allocate and eliminate issues. These can help you decide which IT infrastructure solution works best to maximise the performance of your business from day one.

In house IT support

Are You Looking To Optimize Your Business Performance?

We will always put your business at the centre of any IT enquiry. Contact us today to discuss your upcoming projects, and we can help you align everything IT to your business goals and reach desired outcomes faster than ever before.

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“ADT  have provided a system with specific features for the hotel which was installed with minimum disruption and within the agreed timescale. They continue to support both the telephone system and our IT infrastructure with a prompt and efficient service when any issues rise.”
Tom Roberts, Propietor

…I am regularly in touch with the helpdesk and I would say they are prompt, patient and have a very good success rate.

Mark Fenton, Finance Manager

…I personally think you could do no better than to get them on board for your support in IT and/or phone system maintenance…

Joy Tuckwell, Admin Support Manager

ADT seem to be a well managed business, who offer concise system reporting and prompt problem solving, knowledgeable and pragmatic consultancy, within an acceptable budget. They are a pleasure to work with, and we have no hesitation in recommending them.

Chris Keates-Lewis, Partner