Why your business should invest in Microsoft Office 365?

Dedication, efficiency, and collaboration are some of the main motors that can drive any business to their growth. Ability to connect, create and collaborate helps to open new opportunities on many levels.

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Most of the businesses nowadays are completely modernized, digitalised and are using up to date online productivity tools and cloud computing to maximize the efficiency of their workforce.

Most of us have experienced, that after the Covid-19 pandemic, the majority of the office-based businesses switched into hybrid working mode, not long after realising, that with the current software and technology capabilities available up to date, we are capable of delivering projects on the same level of accuracy and quality – working from various and living spaces. One of the digital applications that helped us to excel throughout the pandemic, but also the most recognised business software on the market, is Microsoft Office 365. And we have a few reasons why this software is so impactful for any type and size of business, counting yours in! If you are still dithering on buying a licence, we have listed the main reasons why you should!


1. Communication


A clear ability to communicate means that your business can be run under control and managed smoothly. Communication ensures that errors can be avoided, and that’s why Office 365 is great to use. Microsoft Outlook, Teams, Yammer are the perfect tools to communicate and keep your staff updated.

With Teams, you can message, call, set conference calls and organise your staff into different teams, so your daily catch ups can be done from anywhere, no need to enter your business premises.

Another perk is that if your staff is spread across the city, country or even another country, you can easily communicate on Teams, saving your time and money on travel.

Microsoft Outlook has been for years a reliable email service provider, and up today, one of the most useful, office software applications used globally.

Yammer is not used as much as other Office tools but it has found resonance among Hrs. On Yammer, you can post any news and updates on a company page that all your employees can read. Yammer sends an email notification each time an update is posted on the company feed, so no one can miss a thing. Another handy feature is that you can create separate channels for different purposes that reach a particular section of staff. 


2. Accessibility


Microsoft Office 365 is safe and efficient, thanks to cloud storage, you can access, update, share files, wherever you are and at any time you want. Office 365 offers applications that support remote access, such as Share Point, or OneDrive. To access any files, you need to have or provide the access credentials, therefore storing your sensitive data in the cloud is safe to do. Remote access to files is a great advantage for businesses with a global presence.


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3. Collaboration


Any business should trust their team’s effort and ability to collaborate. Teamwork makes the dream work! And Office 365 apps such as Outlook, OneDrive, SharePoint, and Teams, are specifically designed to help with smooth collaboration. An office suite enables you to share contacts and files, as well as mailbox and calendars. With a shared calendar, you can see who is available at what time and schedule a meeting with everyone confirming their attendance via your email confirmation.

On OneDrive, you can upload the files for others to view, also can edit, write comments and feedback on a document, without sending it back and forth via email. 

SharePoint is a great tool where multiple users can work and share the same document simultaneously. The app also enables to check the work progress in real-time.

All cloud-based documents are password protected. For further accessibility, you need to provide permission to a person, so you know exactly who enters your files and documents. Probably the most well-known application for business collaboration is Microsoft Teams. With a wide range of features, this application provides, it allows you to communicate with anyone, anywhere, as well as create chat groups, individual chats, video calls, sharing documents, set meetings and more! With the newest Windows 11 update, Microsoft Teams comes already installed, but, it’s designed for personal use only. If you want to use Teams account for your business, you need to install the full Microsoft Teams application. For more information on the compatibility of these two versions, see the Microsoft support page. Alternatively, if you prefer to find out more about the installation, Windows 11, devices, give us a call on 0330 333 7439 and one of our IT specialists can help!


4. Automatic updates 


Office 365 apps and services are updated automatically. This helps to protect against any virus and malware. All updates are installed free of cost, under the Microsoft Office 365 Licence.


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5. Security


Microsoft provides robust security that is checked and updated periodically. You can additionally set the two-factor authentication that allows you to restrict access for unauthorised individuals.

Furthermore, Microsoft securely stores all your data, in their secure data centres. All the incoming data is scanned through with the anti-malware software that protects and detects any virus or malware threats, that are immediately removed.


6. Predictable spend 


Office 365 is completely scalable, as it works on a subscription model. Depending on your business size and needs, you can choose which subscription works best for you, and pay for the software as a manageable monthly subscription. 


Efficiency is very important to keep any business afloat. The ability to seamlessly communicate, create, and collaborate can help to drive any organization to the top of success. Office 365 for years, has been one of the most applied Microsoft’s productivity suites globally. And because is cloud-based, can be accessed from anywhere. Current statistics show, that over 1.2 billion people and most of the businesses around the world use Office 365, therefore we are certain, that Office Suite is a true must-have software, that can support your business productivity, and boost your teams work every day.

ADT Systems specialise in Microsoft Office 365 installation for any type of SME business across the UK. If you are looking to upgrade or licence the suite for your business, find out more about the installation and benefits, by giving us a call on 0330 333 7439 or email at sales@adtsystems.co.uk.  Find out more today!


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