How can IT help your staff to work in a hybrid mode?

Many businesses may look differently into the post-pandemic future, planning a hybrid- virtual model for their staff that combines remote work with some days in the office. The flexibility to work from home has indeed proved ongoing connectivity and productivity increases. Additionally, lowered levels of stress or anxiety. 


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The BBC has recently conducted a survey of the 50 UK’s biggest firms, from which 24 have no plans to have staff return to their offices. Another statistic based on the McKinsey Reimagine work survey has found, that 25% of 5,043 employees in both, government and corporates positions has declined in the number of staff who want to come back to the full-time work in the office, decreasing from 62% pre-Covid to 37% post-pandemic. These numbers prove that moving to a hybrid mode is rather inevitable for most businesses around the world. 


How IT can help to move your business into a hybrid model? 


The IT team, either it is in-house or outsourced business service support like us, ADT Systems, plays a key role in making sure that your business and staff can securely, and effectively progress into a hybrid work pattern, listing below what IT service can support your business with:   


Choosing the most compatible devices


The first important step for your business moving to a hybrid mode is to choose the most suitable devices, such as laptops, tablets, smartphones that will support your staff in the best possible way. You cannot let your staff using their personal devices for work. This is a very unsecured way and an easy target for hackers to still and use your business’ sensitive information. We have, in fact, a very educative blog post about methods to secure your business from cyber-attacks that it is good to learn from! IT team will help you to choose these devices, that are going to be fast, suitable for your staff functions in the business, and cost-effective. 


Applications and programs


The IT team will deploy your staff hardware with the most up-to-date, relevant applications and programs necessary to keep your business connected and run all virtual meetings seamlessly. Cloud-based programs allow to securely work on project-based channels, share large, sensitive files, data and documents across teams or individually, or hold virtual meetings with internal or external partners. 




Working from home on unprotected devices is the most attractive and easiest target for cyber attacks on your business. The IT service will fully arm your staff hardware with the most up-to-date antimalware programs, highly protecting your sensitive data and your business information. The IT team will monitor your staff devices and in advance be able to detect suspicious activities or interventions that hackers may try to attempt. For any experienced IT service, data protection is one of the most important services that are provided and actioned. 


Remote helpdesk support


Your staff should always feel assured that the IT team, can help and answer their queries within minutes. With our remote helpdesk tool, ADT Systems technicians can immediately access staff devices, fixing issues, and close jobs effectively. 


The future of work is looking very flexible, but to get this hybrid work model right, businesses need to make sure that their staff is fully equipped with the devices their need, the digital tools making their work effective every day, and highly protected from cyberattacks activities. 



ADT Systems as an IT service provider since 1993, can in many ways help and support your business move into a hybrid mode. We are indeed already, providing safe, secure and advanced tech support for enterprises that have moved into a flexibly, working from home model. 


The following services are:

– Remote help desk support 

– Infrastructure solutions 

– Installations services 

– Cloud backup and hosting 

– Cybersecurity systems 

– Email marketing solutions 


If your business needs a piece of advice on how to effectively move to a hybrid-virtual model, what are the best and cost-effective solutions, please get in touch. Our experienced IT specialists are happy to help! Talk to us today, and find out more about how we can support your business.  

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