How to create strong passwords and why is it important?

Data protection and cybersecurity can seem like complex subjects to understand and may feel overwhelming. Despite an enormous amount of information on the internet about online security for homes and businesses, it still can be tricky to know what and where to start.


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In this blog post, we would like to share our knowledge on some of our tested and approved methods for keeping your passwords safe and protected. We have also prepared a few tips which can help you remember your passwords, so you won't have to click on the "Forgot my password" button again.



But first, what is a strong password?


With a strong password, you would not be able to guess or force a brute force attack. That means hackers use computers to create combinations of letters, numbers, and symbols to uncover the correct password. Nowadays, technology is advanced enough to crack short passwords consisting of only letters and numbers within moments. 


To improve your password strength, consider implementing the following:


  • Uppercase and lowercase letters 
  • Numbers and special symbols, such as punctuation
  • They should be at least 12 characters long or even longer
  • Select 3\4 unrelated words


What's more, the additional protective measures should include the following:


  • Uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and special symbols are mixed
  • Doesn't contain memorable keyboard paths
  • Is not related to your personal information such as place of birth, pet's name, favourite band or any information that can be found on your social media
  • Each online account you hold should have a unique password 



Weak password: 123456789

Strong password: 0*9&18/x%aa~d/J


Weak password: MikeJohnson1876 (when you use your personal details)

Strong password: I07gsde:@_%MJ76/>


Why protecting your password is so important?


Passwords are commonly used to prove your identity in everyday life, such as when accessing websites, email accounts, online profiles, applications, and computer/mobile devices to start with. It is crucial to use strong passwords to secure your identity and any data hold online. Even the best technology avaiable becomes useless if someone can easily guess your password.


Being able to impersonate you online and get in control of your online accounts can lead to damaging consequences including:


  • Stealing the private information held on your computer
  • Accessing your online accounts 
  • Sending emails in your name
  • Purchasing items online using your accounts details
  • Impersonating you on social networks and dating sites
  • Using your social media accounts to publish inappropriate content, contacting people in your name 


Strong password protection


How to create strong passwords


Our IT experts recommend using a password manager system such as LastPass that can help you generate and store all of your passwords. You can even have an option to authorise and share them with your colleagues. Password managers are very secure and convenient in everyday life.

Additionally, we strongly recommend enabling Two Way Factor Authentication (2FA). The majority of online platforms, online accounts, social networks and other apps offer 2FA as an additional layer of protection. It is a safe method to increase the security of your online accounts, and it doesn't cost any money. 

Our last piece of advice is the simplest one of all the above. Do not share your passwords with anyone than just people who need access to a specific account, such as work data. Keep an eye on the accounts you have been permitted to use by other people. 

Your login details and passwords should always have applied an additional layer of protection. You can outsmart hackers by adding these extra security levels that are easy to follow and doesn't cost you money. 

Passwords are like the lock to your house or a car. Using a weak password is like having a fragile lock. It increases the chances of a number of people having access to your accounts. Every day, hundreds of businesses are victimised by cybercrime, most of the breaches are caused by human errors, such as weak password protection. 


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Need more advice?


If you have any questions about passwords, online security or Cybersecurity level in your business, contact one of our friendly team of IT specialists. We can provide you with the most suitable and cost-effective options, tailored to your unique business requirements. 

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