Are you struggling with the IT scope of work? When is the right time to hire an IT support team?

Whether you are a small business in Bristol getting busier with clients or looking to expand your team, sooner or later, you might be considering hiring an IT manager support or an IT temporary support.


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Managing more than just your own device can be time-consuming, especially if you aren’t a specialist in the field (hence we are here!) Moreover, ensuring that your data is safely protected is a priority to any business continuity. You might manage to muddle through resolving one or two issues on devices, but how will you handle a few of them at one time? 

In this blog post, our IT specialists have listed the most common examples that indicate you should look at hiring a dedicated IT support provider.


You are dealing with regularly interrupted connection


If you started noticing your meetings take longer than planned due to connection interruptions, system failures, slow loading, or other technical issues, it’s the right time to outsource your IT to a locally managed service provider in Bristol. Virtual meetings should run smoothly and make collaborative work easier. Interrupted digital meetings can eventually put off your clients, losing their interest in your services.


You have a breach


Many small companies still believe that cyber security is not essential as they are not attractive enough to become a target for an attack. This is an incorrect assumption - A recent survey shows that 57% of cyber-attacks are against small businesses in the UK. This figure alone should be enough to make you consider reaching for an IT support provider you can trust to provide cyber security advice. An IT provider can carry out a cyber security audit including:


  • Analysing your current level of cyber security protection
  • Suggest and advise on the most suitable software based on your business size, model and financial means
  • Implement the most suitable cyber security solution 
  • Reduce the vulnerabilities and provide proactive monitoring 
  • Provide learning resources to educate users on how to prevent, notify and alert cybersecurity threats. 


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You don't have a recovery plan


Storing an increasing volume of customer data on a single device can be very risky, especially if you don’t have a data recovery plan in hand. 60% of small businesses that lose their data shut down permanently. When you store your most sensitive information on a single device, you encounter a higher risk of losing the data due to ransomware, human error, hard disk failure, or physical theft.


An IT support specialist can help you with the following steps on how to prevent the risks of disaster:


  • Assess your business data, analyse the data to be backed up
  • Advice on options where to store your backup data
  • Set up a suitable and efficient recovery system


Visibly decreased productivity


Even 15 minutes of each day spent on technical troubleshooting can be tiring and frustrating for people who work with you. 

Your employees shouldn’t be worrying about fixing computers, routers, or printer errors. Constant interruption can cause a significant decrease in productivity, motivation to work, timely delivery of projects, and enthusiasm to be a part of your business. 

Looking for a local IT support manager or IT support provider in Bristol can help resolve technical issues fast, minimise downtime and improve productivity among your team.


Your business is expanding


When scaling up, you will start noticing that your current IT infrastructure needs may be changing, but also, you will have less time to put your focus on the IT aspects of your business. Having a new team member on board means that they need a professionally set up device to work on, telephony system and network, cybersecurity systems installations and other applications that are essential to delivering work. An IT support provider can fully action all the technology-related tasks, enabling you to concentrate on your business growth.


IT support for growing business in Bristol


Are you not sure what is the best equipment for a small growing business?


Having a device for personal use versus - an entire suite of IT equipment at the office is a different story.

Having the wrong setup and investing in unreliable IT devices can risk you losing money at the very start of your business growth. Working with an IT specialist can help you choose the most compatible equipment recommended by experts, and help to maintain the security of each device, network connectivity, and software.

Starting a business is an exciting journey, one that is very unique to every single one. With technology that is moving faster than ever before, your business has more opportunities to grow now than even just ten years ago. So, why not make the most of every IT solution that can help optimise your business?

If you can relate to at least one of the above signs, this could be the right time to outsource your IT to a local support provider in Bristol. Whether you need just a little help on one specific project or your business needs ongoing support, we can offer a tailored choice of IT technical services that will suit your needs and financial capabilities.



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Need more advice?


If you have any questions about setting up IT systems for your growing business or more details about hiring an outsourced IT support, contact one of our friendly IT specialists today. We can provide you with the most suitable and cost-effective options, tailored to your unique business requirements. 

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