Why switch your small business to Office 365


Small Businesses sometimes get left behind when it comes to the latest IT tech, this can be due to high setup costs and maintenance or because the solution has been designed with large enterprises in mind and it doesn’t fit with how they work. Office 365 is different, whilst it is designed to be feature packed and is run on an enterprise class infrastructure it has very low cost of entry as the fees can be paid monthly. With no need for an on-site server businesses of any size can have access to the latest version of office, stay license compliant and benefit¬†from reliable IT. Here are 5 great reasons to switch your business today

1. More license flexibility

Licenses can be added and removed with greater flexibility allowing your business to only pay for the seats you require. Office 365 also gives flexibility by allowing you to provision users with only the services they require, making it more cost-effective than traditional software provision. If your needs change so can your license package with add-on products available within a few clicks.

2. Greater Communication Options

Communicate from anywhere using tablets and mobile. Alongside the ability to access emails from anywhere and any device, Office 365 also offers expanded communication options such as video calling and instant messenger chats.


3. Increase productivity

Being in the Cloud means you have access to all your important business documents from anywhere with a web connection and from any device.  Sharing documents with colleagues in real-time makes working together easier and more cohesive as there is no uploading documents in third party applications or sending links via email.

4. Low Maintenance

Allow Microsoft to take care of running your IT services so you can concentrate on managing your business. Microsoft will look after updates and provides financially-backed 99.9% uptime guarantee, as well as first-class virus protection. No need to worry about backing up your mail or files as Microsoft does this with enterprise level infrastructure and support.

5. Improved Collaboration

Office 365 offers simple and secure collaborative tools so you can share and store work, files and ideas. Share important business information and calendars with other users and customers. Perform online meetings with colleagues and business partners through a variety of means.