Why should you transform team collaboration to the cloud?

We are more powerful when we empower each other, and NO successful business runs effectively without collaborating in the workplace. Collaboration encompasses those individuals whose aim is to solve problems across business functions, operations, and other ineffective processes. Ultimately, the goal of workplace collaboration is to maximize the success of your business. Have you thought about the amount your teams are collaborating? How has it changed since the pandemic? Have you implemented the right digital tools to assist your team’s collaboration, leading to better performance?






In the last decade, cloud-based applications have grown enormously as more and more enterprises across the globe are truly realizing the benefits of cloud technology. According to statistics published on Gartner, by 2025, 80% of businesses will close their data centers and transition them to the cloud.

Team collaboration is one of the key reasons companies consider shifting ­to the cloud. Cloud increases employee productivity, efficiency, communications as well as enhances collaboration. It enables employees to seamlessly communicate with each other, enhancing interactions, engagement, creativity, and collaborations.

The benefits of cloud collaboration are enormous, and companies are choosing to transition more than ever before. We have prepared the top reasons why businesses consider shifting their team collaboration to the cloud:


  1. Collaborate and work from home anywhere and any device 


In today’s digitally advanced workplace, organisations are looking to leverage the cloud to provide the right collaboration tools that seamlessly connect their globally distributed teams. With cloud migration, all participants can instantly collaborate and communicate no matter which location they are connecting from or the device they are using, meeting in person is no longer required!


  1. Easier management  and analytics using the cloud


The more long-standing business is, the more data is incoming, and companies are challenged on how to effectively and safely it can be stored. Cloud collaboration solutions enable the collection of data and analysis of in-depth reports on all users, devices, and other logged-in activities. It also gives IT workers the ability to manage users, permission applications, reporting, view analytics, and configure compliance and security policies.


  1. Flexibility and scalability with cloud solutions 


Cloud collaboration solutions are constructed to easily scale up and down to the businesses’ usage needs with barely noticeable adjustments. With cloud systems installed, there is no need to purchase additional hardware to support your business. The capacity already allows you to flexibly scale up and down any of your business demands and optimising overall performance.


  1. Interoperability and real-time integrations 


Cloud-based team collaboration solutions are built to connect and work with other workflows and applications. Cloud computing integrates seamlessly into apps, allowing users to keep their current workflow whilst boosting the productivity of their teamwork, without missing time and staying up to date.



Cloud computig - business technology



Collaboration that is bridging distances


As collaboration technology has evolved to make it possible for teams to work together from different sides of the world, there also has been a rapidly growing recognition of how important collaboration is for achieving desired business outcomes such as:


-        Improved productivity, innovation

-        Employee satisfaction & retention

-        Boosting creativity

-        Teamwork is attractive to top talents!


With an increasing number of statistics and leaders' observations, we can truly emphasize how necessary collaboration is to business success stories today. And cloud technology, are ultimately your digital tools to incorporate and deploy to make that happen. If you are still searching for the best cloud solution and are not sure where to start, you can speak to one of our IT experts to find out how we can help in the cloud migrations process. Contact us today to find out more.



A team of people at the office collobarating together_cloud migration



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