What should you be looking for when choosing an IT service provider?

Growing your business is a challenge that ADT Systems knows all too well as an SME. That is why we appreciate the importance of choosing the right IT service provider. Managed IT service providers can take on the responsibility of managing your network, and devices, so that you can focus on doing what you do best. This is the most radical solution and cost-effective for the small to medium enterprises, who need to operate at the greatest level with their clients but do not have the financial resources to employ and manage in-house IT staff. Getting comprehensive IT support, is very important especially when dealing with lots of clients. Selecting the right service will truly benefit your business but this can be a tricky task all by itself. To help you make the right decision, we have listed the key factors to consider when choosing the right IT provider.


Ongoing Support 

Some of your employees may be a little bit behind with tech knowledge and have very little understanding of how certain computer systems work. This can slow their productivity and affect the quality of service offered to clients. Here, it is very important that your IT service provider is always available to provide prompt answers to computer and technology-related questions as well as being able to access your staff’s computer devices to resolve issues quickly and effectively.  

Proactive Approach 

To be sure that IT equipment in your business is up to date and secure, a good IT provider will pro-actively managed the updates as well as detecting and resolving any issues before they occur. A proactive and efficient IT service provider will be saving you time, money, and stress without you ever knowing. 

Local to your business

Having an IT provider close to the location of your servers is important to maintain a fast and quality connection between you and your clients. ADT Systems is based in Bristol, and we support our clients in the areas surrounding South West England, The Midlands, and South Wales.


Flexible services

Of course, as your business expands, your IT needs to grow with it. However, it is vital to make sure that all the services that you have are relevant, useful, and worth the money. ADT is a great example of an IT provider that will tailor its services to your needs, ensuring you only pay for what you need!

Positive reviews

Make sure that you verify that any service provider has good references based on industry experience and customer service. This can be done by asking to see references from existing clients. IT service businesses often have a monthly score (the gold stars reviews) based on their customer service and performance; you can also ask for this feedback.

Response times

You should be able to find out an upfront estimate of call response times in various situations. Every IT service provider has its estimates and it is important to use these as a guide for the type of service you will be getting (you should also check this once you have chosen a provider to ensure they are delivering the service they promised.)


The top IT providers should be up to date with the latest innovations in the IT industry and able to discuss the best tech beneficial to your company. Not everyone needs the most expensive tech out there, but it is always useful to know what is available. 

Finding the right service provider can be challenging, but when you find the right one there will be no turning back. We hope that this blog will make this process easier and ultimately boost your business. If for any reason you are still can’t determine which IT service has the experience, specialisation, or reputation to handle your business, contact us directly on 0330 333 7439. We can help you dec­­ide the best service options to support your teams, so you can focus on your business.


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