Disaster recovery plan and why you need one


What is a Disaster Recovery Plan?

A DR plan is a group of policies and procedures that a busniess will follow in the event of IT systems being disrupted. There are a number of reasons this may happen and could range from hardware failure to natural disasters or a cyber attack.

Why do you need a DR plan?

Disaster recovery plans will provide guidance that will allow the people in your business or your trusted partners to restore service quickly and calmly amongt the pressure of your business being at an IT standstill.

It allows important decisions to be considered in advance of any issues and gives time to close any holes in existing plans that in the heat of a disaster would otherwise hinder the recovery process.

Important considerations when writing a DR plan

  • How much time should be allowed to elapse before the plan is implemented
  • At what interval should you backup
  • Which individuals will be assigned responsibility
  • What are those responsibilities and duties
  • Key information and documents that relate to DR (insurance policies, alternate work locations, storage location of DR plan

When you have you plan the next important step is to ensure all stakeholders are aware of it, where to find it and that the plan is reviewed and updated regularly.


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