The future of flexible working, are you ready?

The pandemic may be the tipping point for businesses moving towards a flexible working model, also known as a hybrid working model. It has been broadly published in the news, social media channels and other online platforms, once the pandemic ends, the possibility that workers will be against working full-time hours, at the office, is very high.


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Flexible working was on the rise before COVID-19, and it became even more desirable among job seekers, meaning that if you are expanding your business, a flexible working schedule will attract more people, with a diversity of skills you can choose from, over companies that do not provide such benefits. But first, let's look closer at flexible working and what it means:


What is flexible working?


If you think that your business is going to benefit from the flexible working model, we have listed what can be offered to your employees in terms of flexible working opportunities:


  • They can choose where they work from
  • They can create a work schedule that works best for them
  • They can plan their workday in the way that suits them best


Flexible working can also include:


  • Fully remote teams
  • Part-time work
  • Work-from-anywhere arrangements
  • Compressed work weeks (e.g., working 40 hours over four days instead of five)


More and more studies are showing that offering flexible working schedules to your staff can improve the overall performance and level of satisfaction with their jobs. This can result in a more prosperous business and desirable company to work for.

Would you say that your business is prepared to support a flexible working model? Have you discussed with your IT manager what needs to be looked at? We have listed a few key points that should be carefully taken into consideration when transitioning your employees to flexible working, as well as we encourage what to avoid:


  1. Internet connectivity


If the internet connection in the office and home environment is poor, the quality of work done will be too. Before getting the right equipment for your staff, ensuring a reliable internet connection should be a priority. A fast and reliable internet connection also means, that if you have cloud-based software and applications, the system can simultaneously stay updated, protected, and backed up.


  1. Functional working spaces


As much as your employees may request working from home, they must have a suitable space to work and concentrate from. Attending remote meetings and conferences with disturbing backgrounds and noises would not happen in the office environment, so it should not happen working remotely either. Working on an ergonomic chair, or at least comfortable enough, with a desk set at the right height, will also help to avoid potential back pains or worsening vision. Therefore, this is vital, that your staff can deliver their tasks from a safe, prepared-for-work, home environment.


  1. Having the right tech and tools in place


Whether your employees are going to work full or part-time remote schedules, technology in both instances plays a key role in enabling fast communication, reliability, and effectiveness. Since the global switch from the office to home working, technology such as powerful laptops, cloud-based communication, collaboration apps, cybersecurity awareness, and up-to-date software became increasingly prevalent. As an experienced IT provider, we can help you to choose the most suitable technology based on your business needs and help you to maintain the equipment so you can focus on your projects and prosperity.


  1. Trusted IT provider


Your IT team, whether in-house or remote, should be hugely involved in supporting your business during the transition to a flexible working pattern. This should include sourcing compatible devices, software applications, cybersecurity options, collaboration tools, monitoring and detecting hacking attacks, connectivity, maintaining devices and updates, and providing general advice to any raised IT queries. Having IT in place will benefit and help your business to prosper in the long term. From our experience, this is the ultimate recipe for a successful company and a rational approach to keep your business growing and your employees happy.


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