Migrate away from ISDN


BT to cease ISDN network by 2025

BT have announced their plans to migrate all customers to an IP network by 2025, switching off the company’s ISDN network. As the leading business communications provider, this change will affect millions of businesses across the UK.

Even though VoIP technology has been available for over 15 years however many organisations still prefer to use ISDN lines. As of August 2013; there were around 3.2 million active ISDN lines in the UK however, by 2025 all organisations will have to move to a VoIP service.

So what is VoIP?

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. It is also referred to as IP Telephony, Internet Telephony or Internet Calling. It is an alternative way of making phone calls that can be a lot cheaper. VoIP has many advantages over the traditional phone system.
The main reason for which people are so massively turning to VoIP technology was initially the cost. Now everyone will be moving to this technology.
In businesses, VoIP is a way to cut down communication cost, add more features to communication and interaction between employees and with customers so that to render the system more efficient and of better quality. For individuals, VoIP has revolutionized voice calling worldwide.
There are many ways of using VoIP technology. It all depends on where and how you will be making the calls. It could be at home, at work, in your corporate network, during a travel and even on the beach. The way you make calls can vary considerably with the VoIP service you use offering a new level of flexibility in communications.

The Solution

In order to help our customers face the upcoming challenge of moving from their traditional ISDN and phone system ADT have introduced their own product Modus Hosted Voice. Wrap your lines, PBX and call charges into one monthly fee.