IT Support Services Weston-super-Mare

We are here to help if you are looking for comprehensive IT Support Services in Weston-super-Mare but struggling to find a reliable IT Support Partner to keep your business running smoothly.

Our Fully Managed IT Support Services package deal consists of:


  • Unlimited phone calls to our help desk
  • 24/7 proactive monitoring
  • Site visits to your office in Weston-super-Mare or any nearby locations
  • Free advice on computer and laptops advice/ totally free quotation services
  • Network monitoring
  • A dedicated account manager
  • Cybersecurity
  • Remote support
  • Service reports
  • Technology suggestions
  • Office 365 training application
  • Advantageous project rates
  • Fixed monthly fee


Our customer’s total satisfaction is what matters the most to us, and our cost-effective and flexible contract option is suitable for all small to medium-size enterprises.


Read more below on our services or telephone one of our friendly team on 0330 333 7439.


We collaborate with lots of small to medium-size organizations in Weston-super-Mare as well as bordering areas that encounter the very same IT concerns as you every day. We maintain their systems running efficiently so they can concentrate on what’s most important to them, not losing time on IT. And also, as one of the leading IT companies in Weston-super-Mare, we can support your organisation’s modern technology today, whether your offices are in Weston-super-Mare, the southwest areas or even across the UK.


Our IT services are constantly tailored to your one-of-a-kind specifications. Therefore, building a long-lasting company relationship can assist us to choose what’s the most effective for you. Our range of services covers all the technology remedies that your company requires to successfully run on a daily basis. So, if you are looking for assistance for your company please telephone our pleasant team on 0330 333 7439.


PrePay IT Support Arrangement


The contract is time-based; support hours are pre-purchased at an amount to match each business’s individual requirement. Pre-purchased hours are fully utilised and can be simply topped up. The contract offers a versatile solution for contracted IT support services, which means that the time bought can be used for a variety of different types of issues.


What else is provided:

– Server, back-office applications, desktop support, new IT installation works


What is not included:

– This does not feature the IT or service equipment department.


Every one of our contract assistance agreements benefits from a prioritised response and above industry standard Service Level Agreements.


If you think this adaptable approach to IT support is right for your company then please call our friendly team today on 0330 333 7439 to discuss your needs.


PremierPLUS Agreement – Managed Solutions


The PremierPLUS agreement offers limitless remote and on-site support incidents with all of the labour fees included for:


– Network appliances

– Desktops and Back Office Applications

– Server and Network Monitoring 24 Hours A Day

– Unrestricted Help Desk Support

– Unlimited On-Site Support

– Firewall Management

– Anti Virus & Anti-Spam Services

– Hosting server Management

– Optional parts cover servers


Server and desktop monitoring include features, for example, asset and licence management, software application patch updates and software distribution. The IT help desk delivers unlimited support for complex and basic issues and employs a fusion of telephone and 24/7 remote access support for resolution or where needed, the assignment of a service technician for an on-site visit.


– Network Audit.

– Asset & Licence Administration.

– Service Level Agreement with 2, 4 & 8 Hour Responses.


A specific account manager will perform routine service evaluations and an annual detailed audit of the network with recommendations to ensure reliable operation with your business strategy. To find out even more about our comprehensive, yet cost-efficient, IT Support services for Weston-super-Mare please feel free to telephone our team today on 0330 333 7439 to discuss your IT support needs.


IT Helpdesk Yate

Business Continuity Service


In the event of a server failure or outage, users can connect via an internet connection to a virtualised web server device from the Datto cloud.


Our continuity services are the award-winning suite of products from Datto and provide an automated local data backup to robust, purpose-built equipment and replication to the secure Datto Cloud.


IT Manager Support


With the IT Manager Service solution, our company can provide full remote support with unlimited support phone calls to our office along with on-site attendance as and whenever required.


Also, these include:


- Holiday cover

In the event that you need holiday cover for IT support or an IT Manager then our team can provide both onsite as well as offsite IT support. Our team of technicians will fit in with your itinerary. Another great advantage is that when your team members contact the same friendly IT support team, it helps to build trust and excellent working relationships.


- Absence cover

Technical backup as and whenever you need it, support fulfilment at very short notice.


- Project work

We can give network consultation and also undertake full-scale projects on your behalf. Also, if you run existing projects, our experienced senior service technicians can help you with emergency technical support. Our project work will help to increase your performance and secure more time to deliver your work on time.


To find out more about our services in order to cover for IT staff please telephone our team today on 0330 333 7439 to discuss the most effective option for your requirements.


Technology as Service (TaaS)


Technology-as-a-Service makes it possible for companies to access technology on demand. Instead of investing in technology equipment to grow, you can purchase access to your chosen technology resources that fulfil your business demands. If equipment needs change, your purchased access can be scaled up or down, fitting your business technology needs.


IT Hardware & Software Solutions


Implementing a range of IT solutions is important to the effectiveness of every business type and size. Even developed businesses may need outsourced support in hammering out issues. Because of this, ADT Systems provide extensive IT Solutions services in Weston-super-Mare.


Our extensive range of IT Solutions services includes components of equipment, software, network applications, services and resources, which are necessary to run your business effectively. Our IT Solutions are used to sustain business procedures or deliver technology solutions for their clients.


IT solutions for business Yate


Fulfilment Solutions


Our Fulfilment Solutions consist of interdependent elements within the two key groups of components- software and hardware solutions:


Hardware solutions:

Hardware components can include:


– Desktop and laptop computer devices

– Servers

– Routers

– Switches

– Hubs

– Facilities


Software solutions:

Software components can include:


– Operating systems

– Web servers

– Application programs

– Device drivers


Fulfilment solutions can aid in greatly improving efficiency and connectivity. Also, help to deliver a competitive edge in the marketplace. Because of this, our company offer the latest technology hardware and software solutions from an extensive range of manufacturers. These include industry-leading partners such as Dell, Fujitsu, Lenovo, HP, Yealink and more.


We offer a supply of new equipment or as part of our fully managed fulfilment services, featuring flexible lease payment options and the innovative Tech-as-a-Service.


Infrastructure Solutions:


Technology supports virtually each and every business these days. Tactically chosen IT infrastructure can improve communication, boost productivity, and open new opportunities in order to grow your business.


ADT Systems provide Infrastructure Solutions that are safe and secure, reliable, and flexible. And if implemented in line with your business objectives, IT infrastructure can play a significant factor in profitability and growth.

Traditional and cloud infrastructure are the two main forms of IT infrastructure Depending upon which type of infrastructure you are looking to implement, we can help to choose the most appropriate based on your needs, budget plan, and goals.


Traditional infrastructure:

A conventional IT infrastructure consists of software and hardware components, for example, facilities, servers, networking hardware, computers, software, and applications solutions. Typical infrastructure typically needs more electrical power and physical space, which can be more expensive. In addition, traditional infrastructure is usually installed on-premises for private or business-only use.


Cloud infrastructure:

Cloud infrastructure is quite similar to traditional infrastructure. The main difference is that end users have ease of access to the infrastructure using the internet. Furthermore, there is additional capability to use computing assets through virtualisation (the cloud), which means that on-premises installations are no longer needed. An excellent benefit to cloud infrastructure is that users are able to access stored assets almost everywhere an online connection can be made.

Essentially, a well-developed IT infrastructure solution will significantly decrease costs and boost revenue.



Utilised communications solution incorporates telecoms with computers, software and systems, and any other storage that contribute to data transmission. For more optimised communications, almost all businesses will need outsourced assistance if they don’t have experts internally.


One of our crucial roles as IT support providers in Weston-super-Mare is to ensure that your business phone and internet connections function to their full potential.


Our IT specialists can suggest a wide range of our communications services, such as Hosted Voice, Installation Service and Connectivity.


Hosted Voice Weston-super-Mare

Other terms are frequently used to describe “hosted voice.” Normally, they all mean the same thing:


- VoIP

- Hosted VoIP

- Voice Over IP

- Cloud PBX

- Cloud Phone Systems

- Hosted Telephony

- Hosted PBX

- Cloud Telephony


With a lot more companies switching their communications systems to the cloud, Hosted Voice is an ideal communication tool for any business size. Using the internet to make telephone calls is more economical and delivers additional features that traditional landlines can’t offer. Using a cloud-based telephony system like Modus Hosted Voice can add additional features such as:


Work from anywhere

Using Modus Hosted Voice means you can communicate anywhere by making use of your laptop computer or mobile device. It’s a perfect option for remote or flexible working arrangements when your team members are travelling frequently for work and business meetings. This likewise means that there’s absolutely no need to confuse your clients with supplementary mobile numbers when you are on the move.


Stay in control of your company phone calls

Modus Hosted Voice uses cloud technology that enables you to remain in complete control of your business phone calls. For instance, if you are out of the workplace, calls can smoothly be routed to another handset, notebook computer, or mobile phone, lowering the number of missed telephone calls, and meaning that staff members can answer from anywhere. This is fantastic for businesses that have remote workers, as well as expanding companies with clients who are situated abroad.


Great overall value, even for mobile phone

Modus Hosted Voice is cheaper than making use of a traditional landline phone, particularly when making international phone calls. Another great benefit is that you do not need to pay for line rental with a Modus Hosted Voice package deal, our team can really help to reduce the costs for companies with multiple lines, or with more than one office premises. An annual cost can easily save you as much as 60% of a conventional telephony cost (call costs, line rentals, service, and maintenance charges) when switching over to Modus Hosted Voice.


Easy maintenance and scalability

With a fully hosted solution, you will be totally free from any type of routine maintenance. There’s absolutely no equipment that needs upgrading, maintaining or replacing, which means no fixed capitation expenses. Yet another great benefit is that you can add and remove users at the click of a mouse. That means you will not require an engineer to come and add/remove lines, saving your time and allowing instantaneous transition in a number of users and a seamless communication path for your clients.


Control and reporting

Modus Hosted Voice can permit you to manage its telephone system via the cloud portal. What’s more, you can add and build call groups, change voicemails and more personalised components.


The optional reporting functionality can allow you to see the number of calls “in” and “out”, the average length of the call and who is ringing/being rung. This is an excellent option for any company that provides call-based customer service and handles a high number of incoming and outcoming phone calls.


Set up early for the analogue switch-off in 2025

The traditional landline will be completely switched from copper lines to a fully digital network in 2025. For this reason, you can future-proof your telephone systems now, staying ahead of a curve.


With a range of modern-looking handsets and a huge scope of features set, Modus Hosted Voice can easily replace the standard on-premise PBX (Private Branch Exchange). Additionally, using a suitable internet connection our Modus business tariff incorporates 5000 inclusive landline and mobile minutes per user per month, all with one low monthly fee.


Furthermore, you won’t be tied with a long-term contract period to benefit from the lower costs. The minimum term starts from just one year, and a 30-day notice period thereafter will apply.


With Modus Hosted Voice, all you need is a good quality, dependable internet connection. This grants you and your teams the flexibility to communicate from any place, anytime and on virtually any computer and smartphone device. Because Modus Hosted Voice is a cloud-based telephone system it’s ideal for remote workers, office or hybrid working arrangements. This is the very best tool that helps increase business collaboration, communication, and continuity.


To discover more about cloud-based VOIP and hosted voice telephone solutions please call 0330 333 7439 to discuss the best option for your company.

IT equipment for business Yate


IT Equipment Installation Service Weston-super-Mare


Our IT Installation Service is where we often shine due to our substantial prior experience in providing successful computer changes. We take great satisfaction in ensuring that every IT installation is delivered effortlessly and installing the most up-to-date technology that can help your business upscale and enhance your capabilities.


Our IT Installation services are excellent for any kind of sort of little to medium-sized organisations, that have either their team functioning from industrial facilities, versatile working or totally remote.


With the prolonged variety of setup services, we can aid you with the following:


– Style and also implementation for brand-new IT facilities projects

– Computer system instalments on an existing network; or local area network cabling

– Setting up laptop computer gadgets for remote working

– Telephone system setup

– Email instalment, Microsoft Office 365

– Server Setup

– Anti-virus, anti-malware installations


We understand that every organisation is unique, and therefore every single one has its specific requirements, objectives and vision that drive them to prosper. As a result, each of our IT setup services is meticulously gone over, tactically intended, as well as checked throughout the process, so you can anticipate a smooth as well as a prompt distribution within the agreed budget.


Fast & Secure Connection

A secure, as well as rapid web link, is essential to keeping your company working efficiently. For companies that are still growing, this is a vitally important part of their continuality. Acquiring a brand-new customer is an excellent success, however retaining them, is what brings security. IT Connectivity services we provide, can cover any sort of connection requires that your company requires.


These consist of:


- WiFi Solutions

We can advise as well as take care of the deployment of Wi-Fi remedies, making certain that your WiFi link is running smoothly and also firmly.


- Network Monitoring

Our IT group monitors your network link and ensures it is working properly at any time. In addition, we will certainly recommend you any type of updates or brand-new switch software that becomes available near your place.


- ISP (Access Provider) Administration

We can aid and assist to manage your ISP to make certain that you use the best broadband service offered.


- Several Office Locations

If you have more than one workplace throughout the UK, or if you are opening up a new workplace as well as looking for the very best network services, our team can aid set up and handling your networks.

Our Connection services can assist you to move your company’s inner as well as outside interaction, and boost productivity whilst making certain that you are only spending for the services that you need.


Having the best IT installation option can guarantee a stable and trusted network connection and also protect continuous connectivity for your business.


Our team of specialists will collaborate with you to select the best connectivity options, relying on your organization's requirements as well as budget. Call our team today on 0330 333 7439 to find out much more.


Cloud Computing Experts Weston-super-Mare


Cloud computing describes IT facilities, running software applications and applications held within a datacentre and also accessed by the end-user by means of the internet. Cloud innovation eliminates the need to set up, run and handle physical hardware on-site, making it possible for services to collaborate with far more flexibility and also capability to scale up their infrastructure efficiently and also cost-effectively as required. In the past decade, cloud computing has actually grown in popularity thanks to its substantial capability, advanced adaptability, considerable financial savings and secure accessibility to a host of handling properties and services.


Cloud technology is made use of in around 70% of companies worldwide and, 18% state they plan to implement cloud computers eventually in the really near future. It reveals that changing to cloud-based systems will certainly offer your organisation a competitive advantage and enable you to become extra adaptable to ever-changing technology. So, if you haven’t moved to the cloud yet, or only transitioned some applications, it’s worth considering what extra cloud computing solutions can benefit your company.


- Adaptability & Adaptability

Cloud computing solutions are especially advantageous for services that consistently fluctuate or expand. Whether you need extra transmission capacity or require minimised capacity, we can adapt to your needs, so you’ll never ever have to spend more on added upgrades. This can give you much more one-upmanship as you get to keep complete control over your IT facilities. Additionally, cloud solutions enable you to focus on parts of your service that matter the most to you, without having to stress over IT remedies.


- Lower Expenses

Cloud-based services will certainly show to be extra economical due to the fact that cloud computing has various frameworks than conventional onsite servers. They can be underused and also over-specified if you pay for on-site servers with an ever-increasing capability to guarantee you can maintain your work. With cloud servers, you can change just how much capacity you require and will make use of which can aid in conserving cash at the same time as supplying one of the most effective services.


- Improved Safety and security

Cloud storage allows you to have your data securely held as well as allow access to it from any gadget. Cloud information is extremely shielded and you also have full control over who can access it. The protection is applied using verification tests, and you can include added layers of protection by applying even more custom security measures to ensure your data is constantly safeguarded.


- Company Connection

Any kind of smart business needs to buy cloud-based backup. Whilst a disaster can seldom be protected against occurring, having cloud facilities in place can assist you to manage losses. Keeping your information onsite on web servers suggests that you won’t be able to gain access to it in case of equipment failure, or damage. When your information is securely kept in the cloud, you have easy access from any gadget connected to the net. This offers your organization a fantastic benefit of ongoing connection and also seamless deal with jobs and also operations without losing time as well as the degree of efficiency.


- Automatic Updates

Automatic updates are an additional great function of cloud computing that will release your time from hand-operated setups. With your software program and safety in the cloud, all updates are turned out automatically as well as regularly. (Don’t stress, you will certainly constantly obtain notified about the upcoming, scheduled and efficiently set up updates.).

Our group at ADT Systems have large expertise in helping little to medium-sized businesses throughout the UK, with their cloud systems solutions, releasing the most effective cloud modern technology within an arranged budget plan. Additionally, we specialise in Cloud Back-up, Cloud Hosting, as well as Cloud Workplace 365 services, so you can depend on one service provider to deliver the full scope of advantages of cloud computing. Call today on 0330 333 7439 to learn a lot more.


Cloud Backup

Cloud backup is a method for sending a duplicate of a data or database to an additional location for remediation in case of any failure or catastrophe with hardware. Applying cloud backup to your company data can help reinforce your company data security as well as increase protection against computer viruses as well as ransomware.


When utilising cloud backup, you can access your information as well as files, anytime and also anywhere, which gives even more agility if you have groups working from several locations.


The additional essential attributes are:


– UK-based information centres.

– Comply with UK Information Protection Legislation.

– MS Exchange & SQL Compatible.

– 256 BIT Encryption.


Cloud Hosting

Our Cloud Hosting service is an advanced alternative to conventional data hosting. As opposed to using a solitary web server for your website or application, cloud organising can balance the load throughout numerous servers. This stops any downtime, and also if one web server suddenly goes down, there are numerous others ready to run the load maintaining the website without any concerns.


We can also offer domain hosting and email set-up and integration.


Web hosting


- FTP hosting – safe and accessible hosting with FTP access.

- Devoted server – no competition for transmission capacity or handling power.


Cloud Workplace 365 Experts in Weston-super-Mare


Cloud Workplace 365 is a cloud-based collection including all Microsoft Office programs that can be run locally or synchronised to shadow storage. With the help of Cloud Office 365, your teams can function from anywhere and share, edit and collaborate on the job documents with their coworkers in the exact same workplace, very same city or around the world. It helps to locate, store, as well as collate all documents in position as well as service several documents effortlessly.


Additional benefits are:


- Enhanced user productivity

- Easily share files with coworkers

- Capacity to accessibility records advertisement files from numerous gadgets and also places

- Information recuperation from the cloud in case of burglary, broken gadgets or software crashes


On the other hand, having Cloud Workplace 365 features some restrictions such as:


- Optimum message size limit – 25Mb.

- Minimised item retention – Deleted products are kept for an optimum of thirty days from erased item recovery set to 14 days.

- Can not use third-party monitoring devices.


Patch monitoring, as well as software upgrades, are taken care of by Microsoft as well as individual organisations have no control over when these take place.


Nonetheless, if you pick the ideal cloud company, all your cloud solutions including upkeep and administration are incorporated into a regular monthly cost. Relocating your data to the cloud means that you basically pay for what you use, so there are no costs incurred for any kind of spare capability, expensive devices or paying professional onsite staff.


IT installation services in Bristol and the Southwest


IT Consultancy Services


We provide trustworthy and also efficient IT Consultation Solutions for our customers in Weston-super-Mare. Our highly-qualified IT specialists can aid with the following solutions:


IT Consultancy Service in Weston-super-Mare

Innovation is transforming much faster than in the past and the very same can be said about available IT. Daily, companies and your competitors implement newer, as well as more advanced, innovations to stay on the very same competitive level. That’s why if you do not upgrade systems you will fall behind. IT services can be complicated whilst the options seem to be ever-evolving and mistakes can be costly. Nevertheless, speaking to your local IT Consultant service provider can settle many concerns. For that reason, our skilled IT team right here at ADT Systems can offer a series of IT Consultancy solutions and services.


About our professional IT Consultancy services

No two companies are the same. Our IT “working as a consultant service” is totally tailored to fulfil the needs of your business. Our vast experience enables us to provide strategic advice to the whole business as well as advice to different parts of organisations in Weston-super-Mare, so we are positive that we can assist your company to support its development.


ADT Systems is a fully managed IT support supplier, and our IT experts have the depth of expertise, and expertise in order to advise small and medium-sized enterprises on how to invest in their IT to full potential with the least possible costs.


Moreover, we are an independent, long-established business with the purpose to develop a unique and long-term relationship with every organisation we consult with. This allows us to work very closely with your employees and improve the entire workforce’s productivity


What sorts of IT Consulting do we offer?

Every business deals with its own challenges. That’s why our IT Consultant Service isn’t an off-the-shelf service. Everything we do is customised to fit your required service specifications. We are happy to take on as much or as little as you need us to. We can take responsibility from concept to commissioning or handling certain components of your IT department, the choice is yours.


From tactical IT guidance, tailor-making a disaster recovery strategy, migrating your facilities to the cloud, executing even more robust cybersecurity and also backup systems, as well as releasing brand-new networking and telephone systems, our IT Consultants deliver results.


Our IT Consultancy services jobs generally consist of:


- Migrating to the Cloud

Our wide variety of expert cloud adoption solutions can help empower your business to remain at the top in today’s competitive markets.

From migration, implementation and planning to web server virtualisation, data storage, disaster recovery and business continuity. We can make sure your commercial infrastructure remains optimised and secure for operational efficiency.


- Digital transformation

Our IT experts can help analyse your present IT infrastructure and its capacity in your processes, then help to develop and incorporate a more effective IT solution based upon your business requirements, the most appropriate technologies that will help deliver benefits and the capability to evolve.


- Cybersecurity and network protection

Our IT team are specialists in cybersecurity solutions and will certainly recommend and implement protection specific to your services and business risks. By doing this, we can aid to minimise the danger from a wide range of cyberattacks.


We are Cyber Essentials as well as Cyber Essentials Plus licensed.


- Providing quality IT consultancy in Weston-super-Mare

Our goal is to provide an optimal value of IT support, whilst providing the finest in class services and innovative solutions to fulfil your company’s requirements now and also in the future. Please telephone our team today on 0330 333 7439 to discuss your IT Consultancy requirements.


- IT Equipment Setup Solution Weston-super-Mare

We take terrific pride in ensuring that each IT setup is provided smoothly as well as utilising the latest modern technology that can assist your company to upscale and also enhance your capabilities.




Our company genuinely believe that the appropriate technology solutions, the team of IT specialists and the services we have to offer can help accelerate any size and type of business. Contact us on 0330 333 7439 to discuss how we can support your business growth journey today.