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With the quality of IT technology services and support for companies and organisations in Swindon and throughout the UK for over 28 years, our team at ADT Systems will help you improve the efficiency of your IT, Cybersecurity, and Telecom systems. All backed up with support services that will enable you to concentrate on your business. Our very high client retention is testimony to the high quality of services we supply (which you can check out for yourselves on this leaflet). Our team genuinely believe that the right technology solutions can help accelerate any size and type of business together with the team of IT specialists and services we have to offer. Contact us on 0330 333 7439 to discuss how we can support your business growth journey today.

There were 5.6 million small and medium-sized businesses listed in the UK in 2021, according to reports ( Small and medium-sized businesses thrive by succeeding, prospering, evolving, and expanding. We firmly feel that behind every single successful business there is a technology in place, and technological innovations are changing faster than ever! Our company offer many years of knowledge and best-in-class technical knowledge to allow you to accelerate all business functions in which technological innovation is most needed.

Our experts work with a large number of small to medium-size businesses in Swindon and surrounding locations that face the very same IT challenges as you, every day. Our team keep their systems operating without problems so they can focus on what’s most important to them, not frittering away time on IT. And, as one of the best IT companies in Swindon, our company can uphold your business technology today, regardless if your office space is in Swindon, the Southwest or even across the UK.

Our IT solutions are always customised to your unique requirements. For that reason, building a long-lasting business relationship can help us to select what’s the best for you, no one else. Our range of services encompasses all of the modern technology solutions that your company really needs to successfully run each day.

If you are looking for support for your business feel free to telephone our friendly staff on 0330 333 7439.

Listed below we list the most vital IT services, that virtually every small to medium-size business ought to be aware of. We offer dependable and efficient IT Consultancy Service for our customers in Swindon. Our high-qualified IT experts can certainly assist with the following services:

IT Support Services in Swindon

IT Installation Service Swindon

Our IT Installation support service in Swindon is a steppingstone to empower your business! No matter if your teams are working from home or at the office premises, we always make certain to deliver a hassle-free IT installation.

Our experts supply a comprehensive IT installation support service from consultancy to IT support and routine maintenance.

Our company provide all-encompassing technology solutions for all business sizes. During the course of the consultation on IT, our specialists can recommend equipment, software program specification, internet connectivity, networking infrastructure requirements and more.

Here are just some of the IT installation projects we can assist you with:

  • Wired & wireless network installs

Network connectivity is an essential part of most IT solutions. Regardless of what type of network you need, we can implement the most appropriate option and provide support for it.

  • Server and device installations

Whether you need a server or equipment installation or aiming to upgrade, we will find the best solution for you. We provide you with the best available options to choose from that suit your finances.

  • IT equipment relocations and business expansion

When you reallocate or expand your office premises including the complex task of moving all the IT equipment, there is a lot to take on. Our team can easily take care of the process from beginning to end so anywhere you go, your IT equipment is safely and securely reallocated, installed and functioning without any issues.

  • VPN Installation

This installation is a terrific solution if you are seeking to extend your company’s network, making device resources readily available from one location to staff members at various other locations.

  • Storage and Backup Solutions Installation

We offer both onsite and online backup solutions. Having a consultation with one of our IT specialists will allow you to choose the most effective backup solution for your business.

  • Software Installations

Our range of software applications installation can be matched to each one of your business functions. From Microsoft Office, productivity applications through to a selection of antivirus software installations, we can safely configure the software and install solutions that will strengthen your business operations.

Our professional installation services are suitable for all business models, remote, office-based or hybrid. Our comprehensive support and a wide variety of IT solutions can help you pick the best options for your business operations, so we fill the gaps with modern technology that can speed up your business potential and strengthen teams’ collaborations.

If you wish to discuss the resupply or just the installation of IT equipment please telephone our team today on 0330 333 7439.

IT Support Solutions Swindon

If you are looking for comprehensive IT Support Solutions in Swindon but struggling to identify a reputable IT Support Partner to keep your business running efficiently, we are here to help.

Our Fully Managed IT Support Services package deal consists of:

  • Unlimited calls to our help desk
  • 24/7 proactive monitoring
  • Site visits
  • Free recommendations on computer and laptops advice/ free quotation services
  • Office 365 training application
  • System monitoring
  • A dedicated account manager
  • Cybersecurity
  • Remote support
  • Service reports
  • Technology advice
  • Preferential project rates
  • Fixed monthly fee

Our client’s satisfaction is what matters the most to us, and our cost-effective and flexible contract option is appropriate for all small to medium-size enterprises.

Pre-pay Agreement

The contract is time-based; support hours are pre-purchased at a level to match each business specific requirement. Pre-purchased hours are fully utilised and can be simply topped up. The contract offers an adaptable solution for contracted IT support services, and that means that the amount of time purchased may be used for a number of different kinds of problems.

What else is included:
Server, back-office applications, desktop computer support, new IT installation and associated works are all included

What is not included:
– This does not feature the IT or service equipment department.

All our contract support agreements benefit from a prioritised response and above industry standard Service Level Agreement.

If you believe this versatile approach to IT support is right for your business then feel free to telephone our friendly team right away on 0330 333 7439 to go over your needs.

PremierPLUS Agreement – Managed Solutions

The PremierPLUS contract gives unlimited remote and on-site support with all of the labour costs included:

  • Infinite Help Desk Support
  • Unlimited On-Site Support
  • Optional parts cover for servers
  • Network appliances
  • Desktops and Back Office Applications
  • Server and Network Monitoring 24 Hours A Day
  • Firewall Management
  • Anti Virus & Anti-Spam Services
  • Server Management

Server and desktop monitoring include features such as asset and licence management, software application patch updates and software distribution. The IT help desk delivers unlimited support for complex and basic issues and uses a combination of telephone and 24/7 remote access assistance for resolution or where required, the assignment of a service tech for an on-site visit with either a 2, 4, or 8-hour response Service Level Agreement.

A dedicated account manager will perform regular service reviews and a yearly all-encompassing audit of the network with advice to ensure reliable operation with your business strategy. To find out more about our comprehensive, yet cost-effective, IT Support services please telephone our team today on 0330 333 7439 to discuss your IT support needs.

IT Consultancy Professional Service in Swindon

Modern technology is changing quicker than ever and the exact same applies to your IT. On a daily basis, companies implement newer and more state-of-the-art technologies to stay on a comparable competitive level. That’s the reason why, if you don’t improve your systems you will certainly fall behind. The number of IT solutions can be difficult to understand, whilst the solutions are ever-evolving and mistakes can be expensive. Having said that, talking to your local IT support specialist will resolve numerous issues. For that reason, our competent IT team here at ADT Systems can offer a variety of IT consultancy professional services and solutions. Designed and supplied in order to accelerate your business functions.

About our IT Consultancy services

No business is the same. And our IT consultancy services are totally tailored to match the particular needs of your business. Our extensive practical experience allows us to supply strategic guidance and advice to various types of companies in Swindon, therefore we are extremely confident that we may help your business, so as to support its growth.

ADT Systems is a fully managed IT support service company, and our IT experts have the depth of knowledge and expertise to advise small and medium-sized enterprises on precisely how to invest in their IT to fulfil potential with minimal costs.

In addition, we are an independent, long-established business with the purpose to generate a long-term and unique relationship with each organisation we work with. This enables us to work closely with your workforce and strengthen the entire workforce’s performance.

What types of IT Consulting do we deliver?

Every single business encounters unique obstacles. That’s the reason that our IT Consultancy Support service doesn’t have off-the-shelf choices. Everything we do is modified to match your business lists of specifications.

Our team are happy to undertake as much or as little as you need us to. The choice is yours. It can be full ownership from concept to commissioning or managing specific elements of your IT department.

From key IT guidance, customising a disaster recovery plan, migrating your infrastructure to the cloud, implementing more sturdy cybersecurity and backup systems, and deploying new networking and telephony systems, our IT consultancy professional services deliver results.

Our IT Consultancy solutions projects frequently incorporate:.

Cloud migration

Our wide variety of expert cloud adoption services are able to really help empower your business to stay at the top in today’s competitive markets.
From migration, planning and implementation to hosting server virtualisation, data storage, disaster recovery and business continuity. We can make sure your commercial infrastructure continues to be secure, optimised and working efficiently.

Digital transformation

Our IT experts can help evaluate your present IT infrastructure and its function in your processes, then help to develop and put into effect a better IT solution based upon your business demands, the most suitable technologies that will help deliver benefits and the ability to evolve.

Cybersecurity and network security

Our IT team are true specialists in cybersecurity solutions and will work closely with your team to deploy cybersecurity solutions specific to your business. In this way, we can help minimise the danger from a vast array of cyberattacks.

You and your team will benefit from much greater peace of mind, assured that your people, IT infrastructure, confidential records, and hard-earned reputation are all secure and safe.

We are Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus certified, which denotes that we are completely qualified to assist you in the protection of your most valuable assets.

Providing excellence in IT consultancy in Swindon

Our goal is to deliver the highest value of IT support, whilst providing best in class professional services and technology solutions to meet your specific business needs currently, and in the future. Please phone our friendly team today on 0330 333 7439 to discuss your IT Consultancy needs.

Business Continuity Support Service

In the event of a server failure or disruption, users are able to connect via an internet connection to a virtual web server device from the Datto cloud.
Our continuity services include the award-winning package of products from Datto and give an automated local data backup to durable, purpose-built hardware and duplication to the secure Datto Cloud.

IT Manager Support

With the IT Manager Service solution, our company are able to provide complete remote support with limitless support calls to our office with on-site attendance as and whenever needed.

Typically, our services would be used for:

Holiday cover

If you need holiday cover for IT support or an IT Manager then our team can deliver both offsite and onsite IT support. Our team of service technicians will fit in with your itinerary. An additional advantage is that when your team members contact the same friendly IT support team, it really helps to build trust and outstanding working relationships.

Absence cover

Technical backup as and whenever you need it, support fulfilment at short notice.

Project work

We can provide network consultation and also undertake full-scale projects on your behalf. Also, if you run existing projects, our experienced senior service technicians can help you with emergency technical assistance. Our project work will aid to increase your productivity and secure more time to deliver your work on time.

To find out more on our services so as to cover for IT staff please telephone our team today on 0330 333 7439 to discuss the best option for your requirements.

Tech as Service (TaaS).

Technology-as-a-Service enables businesses to access technology on-demand. Instead of investing in modern technology equipment to grow into, you can obtain access to your chosen technology resources that meet your business needs today. If equipment needs change, your purchased access could be scaled up or down, meeting your business technology needs.

IT Solutions

Implementing a range of IT solutions is important to the effectiveness of every organisation type and size. Even developed companies might need outsourced support in hammering out issues. Because of this, ADT Systems provide comprehensive IT Solutions support services in Swindon.
Our extensive range of IT Solutions services includes elements of hardware, software, network services, applications and resources , which are necessary to run your business efficiently. Our IT Solutions are used to sustain business operations or deliver technology solutions for their customers.

Fulfilment Solutions

Our Fulfilment Solutions include interdependent elements within the two key groups of components- software and hardware solutions

Hardware solutions

Hardware components can include:

  • Desktop computer and laptop devices
  • Servers
  • Routers
  • Switches
  • Hubs
  • Facilities
Software solutions

Software components can include:

  • Operating systems
  • Web servers
  • Application programs
  • Device drivers

Fulfilment solutions will aid to improve efficiency and connectivity. Additionally, help to give a competitive edge in your marketplace. Therefore, our company offer the most up to date technology, hardware and software solutions from an extensive range of manufacturers. These include industry-leading partners such as Dell, Fujitsu, Lenovo, HP, Yealink and more.

We offer a supply of brand new equipment or as part of our fully managed fulfilment services, including flexible lease payment options and the innovative Tech-as-a-Service.

Infrastructure Solutions

Technology sustains virtually every business today. Tactically chosen IT infrastructure can greatly improve communication, increase productivity, and open up new possibilities in order to grow your business.

ADT Systems provide Infrastructure Solutions that are secure, reliable, and flexible. And if executed in line with your business goals, IT infrastructure can play a vital factor in profitability and growth.

Traditional and cloud infrastructure are the two main types of IT infrastructure Depending on which form of infrastructure you are looking for to implement, we can help to choose the most suitable based upon your needs, budget plan, and goals.

Traditional infrastructure

A conventional IT infrastructure consists of software and hardware components such as facilities, servers, networking hardware, computers, software, and applications solutions. More traditional infrastructure typically needs more electrical power and physical space, which in turn can possibly be more costly. Likewise, traditional infrastructure is usually installed on-premises for business-only or private use.

Cloud infrastructure

Cloud infrastructure is quite similar to traditional infrastructure. The main difference is that end users have accessibility to the infrastructure through the internet. Furthermore, there is additional capability to use computing assets through virtualisation (the cloud), which means that on-premises installations are no longer needed. A great benefit to cloud infrastructure is that end users can easily gain access to stored resources virtually anywhere an internet connection can be made.

Essentially, a well-developed IT infrastructure solution can significantly decrease costs and boost profits.


A utilised communications solution integrates telecoms with computers, software and systems, and any other storage that contribute to data or voice transmission. For more optimised communications, nearly all businesses will require outsourced assistance they don’t have in-house.

Just one of our key functions as IT support service providers in Swindon is to make certain that your business phone and internet connections operate to their full potential.

Our IT specialists can advise on a wide range of our communications services, such as Hosted Voice, Installation Service as well as Connectivity.

Hosted Voice

Other terms are frequently used to refer to “hosted voice.” Generally, they all mean the exact same thing:

  • VoIP
  • Hosted VoIP
  • Voice Over IP
  • Cloud PBX
  • Cloud Phone Systems
  • Hosted Telephony
  • Hosted PBX

Cloud Telephony

With a lot more businesses switching over their communications systems to the cloud, Hosted Voice is a perfect communication tool for any business size. Making use of the internet to make phone calls is certainly more cost-efficient and deliver additional features that conventional landlines can’t offer. Using the cloud-based telephony system such as Modus Hosted Voice can add additional features such as:

Work from anywhere

Using Modus Hosted Voice means you can easily communicate anywhere by using your laptop computer or a smartphone. When your employees are travelling frequently for work and meetings, it’s a perfect solution for flexible or remote working arrangements. When you are on the move, this also means that there’s no need to confuse your clients with additional mobile numbers.

Stay in control of your company phone calls

Modus Hosted Voice uses cloud technology that makes it possible for you to remain in full control of your business phone calls. As an example, if you are out of the workplace, calls are able to smoothly be routed to another phone, laptop computer, or mobile device, decreasing the number of missed phone calls, and meaning that team members can answer calls from anywhere. This is terrific for companies that have remote workers, as well as growing businesses with clients that are situated abroad.

Great overall value, even to mobiles

Modus Hosted Voice is less expensive than using a conventional landline phone, especially when making international phone calls. Another great benefit is that you don’t need to pay for line rental with a Modus Hosted Voice package, our experts can really help to reduce the costs for businesses with multiple lines, or with more than a single office premises. An annual cost can easily save you as much as 60% of a traditional telephony cost (call costs, line rentals, service, and maintenance charges) when switching to Modus Hosted Voice.

Easy maintenance and scalability

With a completely hosted solution, you will be free from any type of maintenance. There’s no hardware that needs upgrading, replacing or maintaining, which means no fixed capitation expenses. Yet another great benefit is that you can add and remove people at the click of a computer mouse. That means you would not require an engineer to come and add/remove lines, saving your time and making it possible for instant transition in a amount of users and a seamless communication path for your clients.

Control and reporting

Modus Hosted Voice can enable you to control its telephone system through the cloud portal. What’s more, you can add and build call groups, change voicemails and more personalised features.

The optional reporting features can allow you to see a number of calls “in” and “out”, the average length of the call and who is ringing/being rung. This is an excellent option for any sort of business enterprise that provides call-based customer service and handles a high number of outcoming and incoming phone calls.

Set up ahead of time for the analogue switch off in 2025

The traditional landline will be fully switched from the copper lines to a fully digital network from 2025. Therefore, you can future-proof your telephone systems right now, staying ahead of a curve.

With a range of modern-looking handsets with a huge scope of functions, Modus Hosted Voice can immediately replace the conventional on-premise PBX (Private Branch Exchange). Moreover, utilising an appropriate internet connection our Modus business tariff includes 5000 inclusive landline and mobile minutes per user monthly, all with one low monthly fee. In addition, you won’t be tied with a long-term agreement period to benefit from the reduced costs. The minimum term starts from only 12-months, and a 30-day notice period thereafter will apply.

With Modus Hosted Voice, all you require is a good quality, dependable internet connection. This grants you and your employees the freedom to communicate from anywhere, whenever and on virtually any computer and smartphone device. Because Modus Hosted Voice is a cloud-based telephone system it’s excellent for remote workers, office or hybrid working arrangements. This is the best tool that helps maximise business continuity, communication, and collaboration .

To learn more about cloud-based VOIP and hosted voice telephone solutions please call 0330 333 7439 to discuss the very best option for your business.

IT Equipment Installation Service Swindon

Our IT Installation Service is where we frequently shine due to our substantial practical experience in providing successful computer changes. We take great satisfaction in ensuring that each IT installation is delivered smoothly and installing the most recent modern technology that can help your business upscale and enhance your capabilities.

Our IT Installation Services are superb for any kind of small to medium-size businesses, that have either their staff working from commercial premises, flexible working or fully remote.

With the extended range of installation services, we can assist you with the following:

  • Design and implementation for brand new IT infrastructure projects
  • Computer installations on an existing network; or computer network cabling
  • Setting up laptop devices for remote working
  • Telephone system configuration
  • Email installation, Microsoft Office 365
  • Server Configuration
  • Anti-virus, anti-malware installations

We appreciate that each and every business is different, and each and every single one has its individual needs, goals and vision that drive them to be successful. Therefore, each of our installation services is very carefully discussed, tactically planned, and monitored throughout the process, so you can expect a timely and smooth delivery within the agreed budget plan.


A fast and stable internet connection is crucial to keeping your business operating efficiently. For businesses that are still growing, this is a vitally important part of their continuality. Acquiring new clients is a great success, however retaining them, is what delivers stability. IT Connectivity solutions our team provide, can include any type of online connectivity needs that your business requires. These include:

WiFi Solutions

We can advise and manage the deployment of Wi-Fi solutions, making sure that your WiFi connection is operating smoothly and securely.

Network Management

Our IT team monitors your network connection and ensure it is working efficiently at any time. Additionally, we will advise you on any updates or new switch software that becomes available near your geographic location.

ISP (Internet Service Provider) Management

We can assist and help to manage your ISP to ensure that you use the most suitable broadband service attainable.

Multiple Office Locations

If you have more than one workplace across the UK, or if you are looking and opening a new office for the best network solutions, our team can help set up and manage your networks.

Our Connectivity solutions can help you to shift your business’ external and internal communication, enhance productivity whilst making sure that you are only paying for the services that you need to have.

Having the right IT installation solution can ensure a stable and reliable network connection and safe and secure ongoing online connectivity for your business.

Our team of specialists will work with you to choose the most ideal connectivity options, depending upon your service needs and budget. Call our team today on 0330 333 7439 to find out more.

Cloud Computing Experts Swindon

Cloud computing refers to IT infrastructure, operating software and applications hosted within a datacentre and accessed by the end-user by means of the internet. Cloud technology removes the need to install, run and manage physical hardware on-site, allowing businesses to work with much more adaptability and the ability to scale up their infrastructure easily and cost-effectively as required.

In the past 10 years, cloud computing has grown in popularity thanks to its huge capacity, advanced flexibility, substantial cost savings and secure access to a host of managed assets and services .

Cloud technology is used in somewhere around 70% of businesses globally and, 18% express they plan to implement cloud computing at some time in the very near future. It shows that moving to cloud-based systems will give your business a competitive advantage, in addition, it will enable you to become more adaptable to ever-changing technological innovation. Thus, if you haven’t transferred to the cloud yet, or transitioned some applications, it’s really worth thinking about what additional cloud computing solutions can benefit your business.

Adaptability & Flexibility

Cloud computing services are specifically beneficial for businesses that constantly fluctuate or grow . Whether you need more bandwidth or require reduced capacity, our team can adapt to your demands, so you’ll never have to pay for extra upgrades. This can give you a more competitive edge as you get to maintain complete control over your IT infrastructure.

Furthermore, cloud services make it possible for you to pay attention to aspects of your business that matter the most to you, without having to stress over IT solutions.

Lower Costs

Cloud-based services will prove to be more affordable because cloud computing has a different infrastructure than traditional on-site servers. If you pay for on-site servers with an ever-increasing storage capacity in order to make sure you can maintain your workload, they can be underused and over-specified. With cloud servers – you can adjust how much volume you use and need which can help in saving money at the same time as delivering the most efficient service.

Improved Security

Quite a few businesses still seem to be hesitant about conversion to the cloud, but what they do not often understand, is that lost or stolen devices can cause irreversible damage. Cloud storage enables you to have your information securely kept and what’s more, you can access it from any device. Cloud data is exceptionally secured, and you have control over who can get access to it. The security is implemented via authentication procedures, and you can add additional levels of safeguards by applying more bespoke safety and security measures in order to make sure your data is constantly protected.

Business Continuity

Data recovery plays a major impact in helping keep your business going. Any smart business should invest in cloud-based backup. Whilst a calamity can’t be stopped from taking place, having a cloud infrastructure in place can help control losses. Storing your data in on-site servers means that you will not have the ability to gain access to it in the event of hardware malfunction, or damage. When your data is securely stored in the cloud, you have easy accessibility from any device connected to the internet. This gives your company a great advantage of ongoing continuity and seamless work on projects and operations without losing time and level of productivity.

Automatic Updates

Automatic updates are an additional great feature of cloud computing that will free your time from manual installations. With your software and security in the cloud, all updates are rolled out instantly and regularly. (Don’t panic, you will always get notified regarding the upcoming, planned and successfully installed updates).

Our team at ADT Systems possess extensive knowledge in helping small to medium-size companies across the UK, with their cloud systems solutions, deploying the most effective cloud technology within an agreed budget. Additionally, we are experts in Cloud Backup, Cloud Hosting, and Cloud Office 365 services, therefore you can depend on one provider to provide the full scope of advantages of cloud computing.

Get in touch today on 0330 333 7439 to find out more.

Cloud Backup

Cloud backup is a method for sending a duplicate of a file or database to a second location for restoration in the event of equipment failure or catastrophe. Implementing cloud data backup can help strengthen your business data protection strategy and increase protection against computer viruses and ransomware.

When using cloud backup, you are able to gain access to your data and files anytime and anywhere, which gives you more agility if you have groups working from numerous geographic locations.

The additional key features are:

  • UK established data centres
  • Conform with UK Data Protection Law
  • MS Exchange & SQL Compatible
  • 256 BIT Encryption

Cloud Hosting

Our Cloud Hosting service is a more advanced alternative to typical hosting. Instead of connecting to a solitary server for your website or application, cloud hosting can balance the load across multiple web servers. This prevents virtually any downtime, and if one server suddenly goes down, there are multiple others ready to run the load keeping the website and application working free from any issues.

The additional key features are:

  • Domain registration
  • Mail services – setup & administration of business-class mail servers
  • Web hosting
  • FTP hosting – secure completely administered FTP hosting with small and large storage options with high availability data sharing
  • Dedicated server – no rivalry for bandwidth or processing power

Cloud Office 365 Specialists in Swindon

Cloud Office 365 is a cloud-based product suite including all Microsoft Office programs that can be run locally or synchronised to cloud storage. With the help of Cloud Office 365, your teams can work from wherever and share, edit and collaborate on the work documents with their co-workers in the same office, very same city or across the globe. It helps to find, store, and collate all documents in place and work on multiple documents seamlessly.

Additional benefits are:

  • Improved user productivity
  • Easily share documents with co-workers
  • Capability to gain access to documents ad files from multiple devices and locations
  • Data recovery from the cloud in case of robbery, damaged devices or accidents

Conversely, having Cloud Office 365 comes with some constraints such as:

  • Maximum email size limit – 25Mb
  • Reduced item retention – Deleted items are retained for a maximum of 30 days from deleted item recovery set to 14 days
  • Can not use third party management tools
  • Patch management and software upgrades are taken care of by Microsoft and individual companies have no control over when these happen.

However, if you select the right cloud service provider, all of your cloud services including routine maintenance and administration are included in a monthly fee. Moving your operations to the cloud means that you ultimately pay for what you make use of, so there are no charges incurred for any spare capacity, highly-priced hardware, paying for specialist on-site staff and system upgrades.

Email Promotion and marketing

Having a structured email marketing strategy in place can help you engage and reach your target market. Sending email campaigns can improve your revenues at an affordable cost, and it’s a terrific method to promote your business in your community, across the country, and even globally. You don’t have to manage a large organisation to put together an email marketing campaign. With the range of digital tools that email marketing platforms, like PostaMAIL, have to offer, you can easily produce interesting emails without waiting for designers or IT staff to do it.

Using PostaMAIL is simple to use, and with plenty of characteristics readily available, you will be able to create engaging emails, track the performance of each campaign sent, so you can observe, analyse and test your target market response.

Furthermore, email marketing has more advantages to take into consideration, such as:

Email marketing is among one of the most affordable digital marketing strategies. It’s one of the most cost-effective forms of marketing your business.
In 2022, the number of email users globally has reached an astonishing 4.3 billion (Statista, 2021). This fact is a clear indication that making use of email marketing is a huge opportunity to advertise your services.
A successful email marketing strategy can lead to the high ROIs
You can produce personalised experiences, boosting engagement and brand name recognition with new, existing, returning, and would-be clients.
Email is a terrific A/B testing opportunity to gain valuable customer data for more intentional customer touchpoints.
Email marketing continues to be the main driver of client acquisition and retention for small to medium-size businesses. The research study discovered that email marketing stays at the leading chart in comparison to organic and paid search, and social media when it comes to getting prospective clients and client retention. If you are looking for a direct reach, email marketing is highly recommended.
With PostaMAIL you will have the ability to engage with your clients and boost your business opportunities to advertise, sell products and retain your customers to buy more/or choose your products over other companies.
What’s more, PostaMAIL email marketing features have all of the tools that every marketeer look out for, to design, schedule, monitor and test every single campaign.

Using PostaMAIL you can use:

Mobile optimisation

Using PostaMAIL email templates are designed to be used for laptops, computers, tablets ad smartphone screens.

Scalable pricing

PostaMAIL has a really uncomplicated pricing structure. After a small set-up fee, you only pay when you send out emails. Without any monthly fees and no hidden charges. You pay ₤ 5 per campaign plus 1.5 p for each email sent (₤ 5 + 1000 emails x 1.5 p = ₤ 20).

Analytics and monitoring

With PostaMAIL you will be able to track the effectiveness of your emails, such as open rate, bounce rate, unsubscribe rate, and click-through rate. A/B testing is likewise available, along with the option to send a variety of tests that compare variations of your campaign simultaneously.

Third-party integration

With seamless integration tools in PostaMAIL, you will be able to segment, target and tag your target market, so your e-mails can be customised and much more specific to your target audience’s wants.

Marketing automation

With PostaMAIL email marketing software, you will have the ability to develop automatic sequences for everything from welcome letters to order confirmation emails. This is a great way to consistently stay connected with your customers, and without losing the time on sending out manual emails.

In addition, PostaMAIL, like the majority of the most state-of-the-art email marketing software, has a drag-and-drop user interface that enables you to very quickly build emails from a variety of designed email templates, select pictures and photos from the in-built media library and chose your own fonts styles and colours. By doing this, you can design a thoroughly branded email that really helps to increase your brand recognition.

With all the features to pick from, email marketing can be a very significant strategy in your business growth strategy. For that reason, you must consider the right software program that will be the best for your budget, appropriate for your contact lists, and effective for your long-term and short-term email marketing goals. PostaMAIL offers all the tools that can help you to produce engaging emails, keep in contact with your customers and keep them as happy clients!

In addition to providing quality IT technology services and support for companies and organisations throughout the UK, our team will also improve the efficiency of your Telecom and Cybersecurity systems. All of this is backed up by support services that allow you to concentrate on your business. Our very high client retention is a testament to our high standards of service (as you can see for yourself in this brochure). Together with a team of IT specialists and the services we offer, our team truly believes the right technology solutions will help accelerate businesses of any size and type. Get in touch with us at 0330 333 7439 to find out how we can help you grow your business today.