Investing in a leased line? What are the advantages?

Nowadays, most of the business’s functions and operations are digitalised. That increasingly took over since the Covid-19 pandemic, when remote working became the new standard for most of the businesses globally. With a high demand for remote devices and cloud technology installations, it is difficult to imagine how any company could pro-actively function without these digital assets and applications.


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However, no matter how technologically advanced a business can get, to enjoy the full potential of digital working, enterprises need a reliable and fast internet connection. To operate your business digitally fast, effectively, and reliable, the internet is a crucial element to keep your business productive. That’s why choosing the right internet connectivity solution for your business is very important. And choosing leased lines for your business connectivity could be exactly what you need.


What is a leased line?


A leased-line is a dedicated communication channel that enables businesses to have a high-quality, reliable internet connection with guarantees of download and upload speed. “Leased” refers to the connection which is rented by the ISP (Internet Service Provider) directly to a business, resulting in a much better service than what standard broadband can provide.


Why a leased line is a better option for your business?


There are a few reasons why should you choose a leased line for your business: high-speed connectivity, improved internet efficiency, the ability to link several locations together to form a shared network. Leased lines are a particularly great option if your business wants to utilise VoIP technology, and to provide the necessary bandwidth for large volumes of remote workers using the network simultaneously from various locations. 

Below you can find the additional key points of using leased lines and how your business could benefit from this service: 


  • Symmetrical bandwidth


Leased lines provide symmetrical bandwidth. This means that they can deliver identical upload speeds and downloads, unlikely standard connections, which tend to prioritise download speeds – that aren't necessarily suitable for every business needs.

Upload speeds determine how fast you can send data, this is a very beneficial and important feature for any business that uses VoIP calls, send emails, backup data, and larger files, even when working remotely.  


  • Uncontended bandwidth


The majority of internet connections are known as a “contended service”. This means, that when a connection is shared, the bandwidth is used by everyone in the local area. This at peak time, can significantly slow internet connection.

Because leased lines provide dedicated bandwidth, there is no need to share the internet connection with others at any time, which gives your business the advantage of consistent and fast connectivity.


  • Faster speeds


Connection speeds with leased lines are much quicker, coming in a range of speeds from 10Mbps up to 10Gbps as opposed to standard internet connections like ADSL, with the speeds available ‘up to 24Mbps’.

Leased lines guarantee the full bandwidth allocation, meaning they aren't dependant on the area, the density of location, or the amount of internet used during peak times.


  • Lower latency


Latency is the delay that occurs while transferring, processing, or streaming data via an internet connection. It is commonly known as load time or buffering. Many standard internet connections suffer from latency issues, which can result in the slower productivity of a business. Having a leased line will lower latency issues, which can prevent any connection interruptions, especially when using VoIP calls, downloading large files, or using cloud applications.


  • Support


Most of the leased lines come with Service Level Agreement (SLAs) and Service Level Guarantees (SLGs), whereas standard connections won't usually provide these securities. With SLA in place, you will know how long it will take an issue to get resolved, getting your staff up and running as soon as possible.


  • Security


Because leased lines are exclusive to you, they are harder to infiltrate. Additionally, you can choose your protocols for securing and encrypting data. This means that your staff can securely send, share, and store any files and sensitive data, keeping your business protected from cyber attacks and hacking your systems and operations, especially if you have moved to the cloud. 


Should you invest in a leased line?


If your business relies upon a stable, fast, and resilient internet connection, then a leased line will be the best choice to keep your business effectively going. The installation costs can be high, but you can expect the best of connectivity, reliability, and security.


If your business meets one or more of the below, investing in leased lines will be strongly advantageous to your business:


- You have a large office space and lots of staff


- You have multiple locations


- You use a datacentre


- You use cloud business services such as Office 365 or Google Drive


- Your internet connectivity is critical to business operations


- You are implementing remote working long-term


- You frequently use VoIP for calls


- You tend to transfer large files and amounts of data


Depending on your business functions, using leased lines can impact your business in much higher productivity, effectivity, reliability, and instant connectivity, no matter on time of the day. 



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If you feel that leased lines are a great solution for your business, or if you are still unsure if investing will be worth it, speaking to one of our IT specialists can help you decide! With our expertise and years of experience, we are sure to help and support your decision. 


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