Is your computer running slow? Reasons why and how to fix this!

The frustration over a slow-moving pointer on your computer screen, buffering websites, or frozen mail can be the result of many things that you have set and may not even be aware of! Below, you will find out the most common reasons why your computer can not seem to keep up! Our IT specialists have collated the most common symptoms and best solutions to fix these problems.


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Too many programs are open

It is not just a mail and telephone call anymore, right? In our digitally savvy world, we use apps for almost everything to effectively deliver projects and tasks. However, your computer will eventually crash to a standstill and refuse to simultaneously run all the programs and browsers at one time!

Our advice:

Check which programs you are using during your day. And close everything that you do not need in that specific hour of work. It is like packing for a trip, right? Do you pack winter shoes on sunny holidays? You will overfill your luggage and will not even wear them! If you have any browser tabs open that you need to check later, use the Bookmark option. Fast and easy!

Space on your hard drive is almost full

Storing a large number of files and apps can easily use most of your internal drive storage within a matter of weeks! Hard drives will slow performance long before it is 100% full. Internet downloads, apps, program updates, and a mix of different files you keep, even if only temporarily, can take its toll. Using too much memory space will cause your device to respond slowly to your commands.

Our advice:

Check how much space you have on your drive. Look at your computer trash and if you are sure that everything can be permanently deleted, empty it. Look at your download folder, and check if all the documents/installations are necessary – it is very common for installer files (usually .dmg) to stay in downloads after you have installed the app you wanted. If you are working in a creative industry, you may have large files with images that you no longer use. All of these can go as well. If you share your work with other members of a team, saving large files to the cloud is very useful, easily accessible and safe. Finally, investing in an external hard drive works perfectly for businesses in creative fields such as design agencies, engineers, or architects. Space solved!

Central Processing Unit (CPU) overheating


As much as modern devices are designed to multitask, running too many tasks or a few particularly strenuous tasks, can cause CPU overheating. Computers are designed to manage the temperature of their CPU so they will throttle the speed at it completes tasks to ensure that the CPU does not burn out. The reasons for overheating may vary, but the most common are poor or old ventilation and the build-up of dust inside your computer.

Our advice:

You can clean your device at home, using compressed air to remove dust. If possible, do not work on your computer if the area is not well-ventilated, and check if the fans inside your computer are fully functional. Lastly, consider what sort of devices your company needs. Different CPUs are better suited to different tasks. If you need a device that can run a large number of tasks at once you will require a very different CPU to a device that is designed to run a few more intense processes like rendering. Speak with IT technician who can run health-checks of the devices and recommend machines best suited to your needs!

It could be malware infecting your computer or laptop

Viruses or malware can immediately slow down your computer, hijack your browser, and in the worst case, crash your computer. These programs are installed without your consent, often packaged with a piece of software that you did intend on downloading. A virus can run unnoticed in the background, scanning critical data, collecting passwords, and other data – all whilst slowing down your machine!

Our advice:

Especially when running a business, you should secure working devices with the most up-to-date software versions, along with antivirus programs. Free anti-virus software simply will not cut it. Your cyber-security must be as powerful and safe as a bank vault! Hackers will always try and remain ahead of the curve, and if you are not sure what software will keep your computer safe – ADT Systems hold all the knowledge and expertise to advise you!

You have outdated software updates 

Although we mentioned that too many updates running at the time are slowing your device, it is equally unhealthy to ignore software update notifications. Older versions of software may be causing damage to your device as well as running less efficiently compared to their latest versions. Also, software updates often contain critical security patches, removing any possible vulnerabilities that have been discovered in old versions of software.

Our advice:

Check your computer system notifications and see if there are any updates available. If you have a company, ideally someone like an in-house IT manager or IT service provider like us, ADT Systems, will make sure that everyone’s devices are up-to-date and run at the same speed. (You may be familiar with an email saying, “Please close your device and save all of your work today by 9 pm, we will be updating your computer systems”. That is what this is for!)

Your computer is old

This may sound like no brainer but…The age of your computer may be the major reason behind its slow performance. Dated computers may not be able to support the latest software versions, programs and applications. Imagine a Nokia 3310 with wireless headphones? It does not work!

Our advice:

If you have been through all the above reasons and your machine is still running slow, this may be a signal to invest in a newer computer or laptop.

We can help you with the best choice, tailored to your business needs! Even if your financial circumstances are not the best right now, ADT Systems can help you chose the best plan to keep your team running with the best possible tech! Our goal is to help your business prosper.

Smooth and effective work on your device, is an absolute must-have in current times, especially now, where many businesses have moved away from the regular 9-5 at the office.

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To recap, the best way to ensure that your computer is reaching its full potential is:


– Make sure that you are only using the apps and programs you need at the time.

– Clear any files that are no longer needed on your device.

– Set up a cloud system for your team or invest in an external hard drive.

– Invest in anti-virus software and ensure everything is updated regularly.

– Be honest about when it is time to upgrade.

– Speak to an IT specialist to make sure you get the right equipment for your needs.


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