Get Windows10 – Tray Notification

Get Windows 10 – notification: Is it genuine or is it malware?

You may have logged on this morning and like a lot of other Windows 7 and 8 users found a new icon in your system tray that looks like the start menu icon.
Get Windows 10


When you click on the Windows icon this screen is displayed giving detailed steps as to how to reserve, install and enjoy Windows 10.

windows 10 upgrade<

This notification came as a surprise to most users and has made some people suspicious that it maybe isn’t legitimately from Microsoft and could be a form of malware. The good news is it is official, Microsoft have put this there to make users aware of the free upgrade they are offering Windows 7 and 8 users’ to upgrade to Windows 10, the bad news is it is likely to lead to a whole host of copycat malwares designed to fool users into clicking on it believing it to be from Microsoft. Be sure what you are clicking on and if you are unsure – Don’t click it!

If you are on a corporate network then it is best to avoid going through this process right now as it is likely that your organisation will want to manage it in a particular way to avoid issues with existing systems and there is going to be plenty of time to reserve your upgrade.

If you aren’t seeing the notification icon yet, don’t panic this doesn’t mean you wont get it or aren’t entitled to the upgrade it simply means you haven’t received the Windows update (kb3035583) that enables these notifications. Your administrator may have prevented the install of the update or you may not have checked for new updates recently.