Telephone Systems

We are now proud to introduce our new product: Modus Hosted Voice. Our hosted communications service designed to help you get more from your communications services.

BT have announced the end of life for the traditional ISDN and PSTN services and we felt it was time to bring forward a new product.

Businesses are so dependent on reliable IT and communications services, we decided to bring them closer together to get the best out of each other. Modus Hosted Voice uses the Internet as a backbone, the only cost you have when using it is the monthly Internet bill to your provider. Of course, you need broadband Internet access, like FTTC, with a decent speed.

Our Modus business tariff offers 5000 inclusive, mixed landline and mobile minutes per user and then very competitive rates going forward and monthly charges; which we are confident will offer best value!
Contract periods start from just 1 Year with just a 30 day-notice period for cancellation thereafter, we won’t tie you in on any lengthy contract.

Modus is scalable – businesses can add and remove users at the click of a mouse. No newlines/contracts and waiting days (weeks) for an engineer to come out when you recruit new employees.

Modus is cost effective – Most businesses will save around 60% of their total annual cost of telephony (call costs + line rentals + service/maintenance charges) when they switch to Modus Hosted Voice.

Modus is always up to date – Our service is constantly updated. Ensuring that you will always be compatible with new developments and technologies.

Modus is flexible – Remote offices and employees can all be connected up onto the same network. You can answer calls and forward/transfer calls between all locations.

Modus is feature rich – Our customers have access to the full range of advanced PBX functionality.

Modus is maintenance free – With a fully-hosted solution we take care of everything for you. There's no hardware that needs upgrading, maintaining and replacing, allowing you to focus on running your business.

Modus is in control – Our hosted platform allows our customers to control their phone systems through the online portal. Amongst other things, businesses can create call groups, change voicemails and much more.

Modus sees everything – Our optional reporting functionality allows you to see everything. Assess how phones are being used. You can see number of calls in and out, average length of call and who is ringing/being rung.

Modus is ready-  The underlying network for Modus does not need to be of a particular layout or topology. This makes it possible for an organization to make use of their current Ethernet network! Modus is built on VoIP technology.

If you would like to know more please do not hesitate to contact Client Services. (